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[Chessy]-Soggy Barnacle - Tavern Nights Every Sunday 7PM EST

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Kerrs Holley

Kerrs Holley


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I wish to invite Role-Players from all around the UO realm - Simply create a character and come enjoy a night of roleplaying with the Chesapeake RP Community. Come one, Come all and spend a night drinking with the pirates of Port Baldmor. Our town is once more slowly coming to life, and with that we are restarting our famous TAVERN NIGHTS! For those who are unfamiliar with our past tavern nights, it is a social function open to all members of the realm, but especially geared towards Role-Players. Our Tavern sits nicely right in the middle of our fair little town and is easy to find. For those who are wondering where Port Baldmor is located - it lies on Bald Island Trammel, and you can either find a rune to the island in most player run libraries - such as Guardian's Gate Library, Kijustu Annei Village Library, or the Luna Library. If your more of the sea-fairing type, then set sail south-west-south of the Trinsic dock and you will arrive at Port Baldmor within five minutes or less.

During our Tavern nights we will be hosting a variety of activities you can look forward to. Some of the activities we will be hosting during tavern night will be as follows:

Net Tossing - We make a line of ships that stretch out into the deep sea and toss regular, multi-colored, and fabled white nets into the sea and then drag the spawn towards the island to our awaiting guests to fight and loot! This Net Tossing event is one of our most well known activities that we have done in the past and what our Tavern Nights had become famous for.

Dart Tournaments - Test your Dagger throwing skills against us Red Daggers and see how well you fair against us pirates. There will be prizes for the first, second, and third place champions, and the winner will go down in our town records.

Gambling - We will offer our drinking patrons a chance to gamble and win some gold. Since gambling if frowned upon on the main land and punishable by the crown, we offer our drinkers a safe place to bet that is far from the crown's reach. Some of the betting games will include, Boxing Matches - Chicken Fights - Dice - and perhaps one or two more other games that might surface, ideas are welcome for new or old gambling games that I may have not mentioned.

Story Nights - Come listen to stories of our pirate adventures, Hear some of Kerrs Holley's stories of what he has been doing during his absence from the realm. Also bring your own stories to share with the crowd as we enjoy drinks and good food. Perhaps we can also learn one or two new drinking songs from each other as we build patrons to the tavern.

PVP tournaments - test your pvp skills and become champion of Port Baldmor for a week! Perhaps even a little betting will be in order on who the possible winner of each match may be.

Each of these events will rotate from week to week, so you will want to come often to each tavern night to experience something new and fun. I hope all of you - role players or not - will be able to attend our Tavern Night. I have conveniently set the time for the tavern night to be 7PM EST on Sundays so most people will be able to attend the function during the weekend. Then after the Tavern Night we encourage everybody to head over to the Hall of Commons for the weekly meetings to see what else is going on throughout the realm. Hope to see everyone this coming Sunday for our Tavern's Grand Opening that will be kicked off with our Famous Net Tossing event!! Best regards, Kerrs Holley!
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