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A problem with the xbar

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Every time I go to a new page the bar reloads itself, causing a delay in loading the page or the page reacting. Its not much, but when you're used to pages loading near instantly, then its annoying.


This is in Google Chrome.


Anything that can be fixed?

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Are you using version of the Chrome GameXbar? Which version of Chrome are you using?


Just tested it myself. I'm using of the UltimaXbar, and 18.0.1025.168 m of Chrome. Pages still load nearly instantaneously for me (I have a 45m conn), and the "bar" does redraw with each new page. Basically it is because it is not really a toolbar as Chrome doesn't support toolbars... so it is an Chrome app trying to look like a toolbar.


Give this a try... go to Chrome's Setting>Under The Hood>Clear Browsing Data... then check and clear Empty The Cache, and Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data. Make sure you uncheck the other data fields you want to keep first. When finished, exit Chrome, restart Chrome... and see if that helps. You know how it is, a huge cache can bog things down.


Let me know please what happens.

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Its google chrome 18.0.1025.168 m


The newest version you had on the site.


I have uninstalled it for now and things returned to normal. I will try it again at another date where I have some free time to fiddle with the settings.

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