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Healing and Anatomy!

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Oooh you poor thing, thats a nasty looking cut you have there! Lets me see what I can do.. Over, under, round, and tie there you go! good as new!

Alright folks its guide time! todays skills are healing and anatomy.

Now alone either of these skills are pretty useless, but add them together and they become the backbone of a melee template (pure melee that is i don't want to start a "you doint need healing thread lol)

Now depending on how far developed your character is there can be a few ways of training healing but the first thing you will need is bandages... lots of bandages, lots and lots of bandages! ok you get the idea.

If you are on a regular shard then getting them is as easy as buying cloth from an NPC and using a pair of scissors to cut up the cloth!

If you play siege perilous you can't buy cloth from NPC's so you will either have to slay a bunch of sheep to get wool to spin on a spinning wheel to make yarn balls, then use the yarn on a loom to make cloth. it takes 5-6 balls of yarn to make a bolt of cloth so either kill lots of sheep in advance or as you run out you can break off and do this as you go along (if you ask in chat people will be happy to hand over some cloth or bandages though)

Firstly lets look at numbers and formula! (may as well get it out of the way)

at 60 healing and Anatomy you will have a chance to cure poison and bleed effects (success scales with level of poison bleed is ) at 80 healing and anat you can ressurect.

Healing self timer. = 8 seconds - (dex -80 divided by 20).

so at 125 dex you will do 125-80 / 20 = 2.25. (8-2.25) = 5.75 second self heal.

As from publish 71 there is also now a feature where at the half way "tick" of the self healing check you have a chance to cure poison / bleed effects. This does reduce the damage healed a little but is great IMO! here is the maths remember bleed is considered lvl 3 poison :) if you fail the first attempt to cure/stop bleeding you will try again at the end of the cycle.

Cure at half way = (healing+anat - 120) * 25 / (poison level) *25

e.g if you are infected with lvl 2 poison and you have 120 healing / anat you will have a 75% chance to cure at the half way stage ( 120+120-120=120)*25=3000 / 40 = 75

min / max ammount healed

There are 2 calculations one for min damage healed and one for max damage healed , as far as I am aware its random but I have been unable through testing to determin why sometimes you get min and sometimes max. min calculation is (anat/6)+(healing/6)+3 and max is (anat/6)+(healing/3)+10

so at 0 anat and 0 healing you will heal between 3hp and 10 hp and at 120/120 you will heal between 43hp and 72hp.

Finally inerruption.

if you are hit by a monster for 26 dmg or 19 from PvP encounters you will be interrupted, for each interruption you will lose 35% of the final damage healed.
Righty, geek stuff out of the way.... so you have your bandages... now what!
In order to gain in healing you need to be using bandages to heal damage, so the logical choice for most people is to train healing/anatomy as they are working a character or if you are reworking an existing character you have a few other options.

Now the damage you are healing doesn't have to be your own, you will heal others a lot faster than you heal yourself on TC i did 125 dex and was healing in around 2 seconds to another player.

If you can buddy up with someone to heal (such as someone training parry or fighting skills) this can really speed things up. another tried and tested method (which is REALLY effective for fighting high end stuff) is x-healing.

xhealing describes 2 players with healing standing next to each other, rather than tagetting yourself target the other player, they do the same and you both get 2 second heals... I have seen 2 rock form dexxer's take down paroxy like this and barly drop health! its a really good way to fight, only thing is you are trusting the other person not to let you down so just carry a few greater cure/heal potions just in case you need a quick top up. You will gain well from healing nothing but damage up until around 60 skill.

Once you hit 60 skill the gains will slow down a bit so you need to start introducing poison! lvl 1 poison will be fine! if you get a poison trapped box (or 1 each if training with a friend) these work well, all you do is get the lock picked, then each time you try open it you will be poisoned. bandage yourself over and over.. once you get to 80 skill you will still get gains from healing damage and poison but to really progress you are going to want to be ressurecting, or at least trying to anyway. the person doesnt have to accept but you will still gain, so if you have a buddy who will chat with you as a ghost while you train for a while thats great.
Personally when I hit 80 healing/and anat i did things a little different, I got all my gear repaired, took only 50 bandages, now the fighter I was training had at the time 90 swords/tactis/parry/anat/healing and around 70 chiv and 100 focus . I was only wearing a cheap suit, I believe an ancient sami helm, heart of the lion, quiver of inf and basic runic crafted stuff for other pieces. So with a soulseeker in hand I set off to the painted cavesits in the little mountain area near trinsic gate, to get to it you need to cross the bridge then just follow the waterline west until you reach the cave!

right now if you want to try this remember a few things, you will need a bag of sending and some extra PoT to fill it up. you only need to take a handfull of bandages, and I would take a stack of greater refresh potions if you dont have stamina leech on your wep. The main erason... well the only reason you are here is for the Troglodytes that dwell in the caves, these lumbering apemen are great for training wep skills and also as loot they drop around 400-500 gp each and between 5 and 20 bandages!! now bare in mind these things hit fairly hard and firly often... I love the soulseeker here as I can whirlwind the little buggers and get a potential hp/mana and stam leech of around 8 targets at once.

I keep myself buffed up with str and dex potions for more hitpoints/faster heals and I have a one key macro set up for healing (i target bandages with a knife then use "last object" wait for target " Target Self" I just have to be sure to re use bandages right after drinking a potion. Also dont stray too far into the cave, there is an angry bear called Grobu and his forbidden lover Lurg , unless you are fairly well trained (at least 110 onwards I woukd say) these two will make short work of you if you have a bunch of trogs on you as well. so perhaps stay down to the left hand cave at the bottom.
I trained here solid for about 2 days one weened, i was 120 melee skills and over 100 healing and anat by the time I was done! not to mention about 5 million gold better off! the spawn rate is high and with the right wep (repond slayer) and chiv they fall fast! they drop good gold and you will never run out of bandages, just make sure you take a break to repair and unwind a little from time to time.

For the remainder of this guys training I got a friend to come to my house (RL HOUSE) I logged in on my laptop and he had brought his. I gobbled an alac, killed my buddy and began healing attempts... we chatted and stuff while he was there dead and then after an hour (and a few alacs) It was my turn to be the healing ghost. we switched out every hour or so making sure that there was always a bandie being applied. it took a while bot with the alacs and a few thousand bandages we both went from GM to 120 this way. I am sure you could use GGS and just high lvl poison gains to reach GM also but my buddy insisted I try this method.

I personally found it boring and would have rather taken longer to train but hunt while i did it but hey... each to their own.
I hope this has been helpful and if you have anything to add dont be shy!



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Little addition on the Sheep.. bot on Prod and Siege shards... sheer them (using knife or sword) then kill them, the spawned new sheep (about 5 minutes later) will come with new wool to sheer.

Also, wool from a live sheep weighs less then the bloodsoaked (heavier) one from a dead one.



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hehe, I didn't even realise that you could shear them alive... I was killing them then skinning :)

thanks for the heads up.

Also if anyone knows the formula for ressurection success chance please post and I will add to the guide.




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VERY good job borik! i have to say my way for gaining up from 60 was fighting the ants and doing the bag of sending quest they poison you all the time so you are constantly healing and i set heal as a hotkey and know my timer on the top form uoassist to help me stay on it too!! also instead of the trap box u can also use newbie poison potions and or make an alchemist have some reg ones for you to do it that way as well!



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Healing self timer. = 8 seconds - (dex -80 divided by 20).

If I may ask, where exactly did you get the following formula from?

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Also if you kill a sheep, the wool wont stack with the wool of a sheep who is sheared alive. I remember that for some reason but trying to remember how long ago it was. Guess will have to go sheep shearing soon!

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