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Tor Books to release only DRM-free e-books

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If you're a fan of SF/Fantasy, you'll know who Tor Books is - essentially, the largest publisher of the SF/Fantasy genres in the world. And if you're an e-book reader, this is cause to rejoice.


On Tuesday, Tom Doherty Associates, which publishes Tor Books, the world's largest science fiction imprint, announced that it would be making all of its e-books available in a DRM-free format by early July 2012. The move comes just six weeks after the United States Department of Justice filed an anti-trust lawsuit over e-book pricing against Macmillon, Tom Doherty Associates' parent company, and five other publishers.


Read more HERE.

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Oddly enough I can't think of any TOR books I have owned or read.


Well, I checked them out and found a list of authors...


Tor Books - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


And that is far from a complete list of authors - multiple dozens of others have published under the TOR banner as well. Even the ones they have listed are a veritable who's who of SF & Fantasy. Robert Jordan? George R. R. Martin (like there aren't 3-4 Game of Thrones threads going on here...). The granddaddy of them all, Isaac Asimov...


I'd say odds are very good that you've held more than a few of their published books in your hands at one point or another.

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