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Once in a while an individual will come along with a mission to spread enjoyment and happiness to all who read his awesome work. The stories that you capture and write are nothing short of fantastic and I hang my head and bend my knee to you... The King of Thieves!

After reading all of your episodes you reminded me how much fun a thief can be, I played a thief on Europa (demuti) back in 99 and then again on Siege (Jackal) on my return to the game back in 2007 so I have deleted an unused character and created a thief. I don't aspire to be you as to be honest There is only room for one king and Evil Lord Smurfy, you firmly hold the title. I do however pledge that I will punish all the tax evaders and greedy land owners of great lakes.

Thank you for posting the episodes that you make, through your sublime literary skill and your intelligent articulation you have brought a great deal of pleasure and enjoyment to this humble fan!

Your ability to create and in most cases anticipate emotion from other players (be it good or bad) is a skill in its own right, you obviously have a great (sorry I mean the greatest) talent as a thief and I hope that I will be able to find marks such as you have and spread a little carnage of my own. If you ever make your way to Great lakes again look me up. I believe my Taxes are overdue and I would be happy to provide you with access to my New Magincia house (in Fel) so that you have somewhere to unwind / retreat if the need should arise.

I don't mean to babble and I don't want to come accross as some creepy stalker so I will end my post on this note.....

All Hail the King!

And pay your Taxes!

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