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On the streets.

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As dawn broke, the sun rising, just peeking over the eastern coast of the Britain country side, a gentle, misty rain pittering against the window. It's always wet this time of year, April showers bring May flowers, as they say. Although, it's not quite April yet. A woman grunted as she sat up from her small, creaky bed. After tossing her blankets in a heap she stumbled up, and shuffled across the room with half closed, crusty eyes. Catching her baby toe on the knobby leg of her side table, she yelped in surprise and anger, she snatched the affending table up and flung it, along with the array of half finished liqour bottles across the room with mighty crash. She is clearly not a morning person.

Mumbling, and rubbing eyes, she now moved on into her dressing room. A grand room, filled with a huge array of clothing from poor attire, to rich, from the latest fashions of Tokuno, to the simplest farmers clothing of Yew. Dresses framed with the finest silks, ribbons, and lace, to simple skirts and sleaveless shirts. Hard, whale-boned corsets to slim her figure, and even form fitting pads to make her look fatter, or even pregnant. She had everything. Plopping down infront of her large, grand mirror, she scanned her large selection of wigs, and makeup. "Who am I today?" she muttered to herself. A common question for her, who are you. No one really knows, least of all her, everyday someone different, someone new.

As she stared into the mirror she sighed in disdain, no one new for her today, she grew tired of planning all the time, creating new faces, new people everyday to face the same city, the same people. Why can't she be herself for one day? She simply brushed back her hair into a pony tail and smiled. "How do I introduce myself, if someone asks?" she thought to herself, brow creasing. Her smile returned as she answered simply - "Calico."

*To be continued*