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Hello to you. I remember playing with many of you in years gone by. I hope to play with you again on community hunts in Catskills. Let me know if you are interested. I am Wynnleif, Hazel, Desdemona, Gayleanne, Gwendolynne, and Eloisel of GRI and I am here to play no matter how much it kills me.

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Back in 98 and 99 i played on catskills as the characters Broadswod, Nimble, and BITEME. i was one of the original founders of guild EBK. the East Brit Killas.... anyone remember this? LOL


We do. CoD had a sister guild called Xiled from Humanity (XH) that had members that came from EBK. Dantrag was GM of that guild and the GM of CoD, Pandora (who played Memphisto) was co-GM of XH. He was in charge of the fights/game mechanics/members, etc. she was in charge of the community (forums, websites, tourneys, videos, etc). I played Blasphemy back in the day... had 2 of them: one that was Factions and one that was perma red. We lived by the 3M's... Money Murder and Mayhem.


~ Sue.

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