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Josie crouched next to the river, fingers trailing through the water as tiny fish nipped at her hand. Her mind was a million miles away it seemed, though the uprisings were as close as a ferry ride away. She had no idea where the Ranger's had sent him, no idea if he were safe. But somehow she knew, she always knew, that he was. His heart still beat within his chest, his lungs still took in air, his arm could still swing a sword and string a bow. And no matter what it took he would come back for her.

He rode into her life last summer, nearly a full year ago now. Sitting astride a great black beast he had found her her by the river, reading a book when she should have been working on her chores. Her father tending the fishing lines that he placed here everyday. They were lucky to live here on the fringes of Skara. Close enough to take the ferry to town, far enough away that their house was secluded from all the passing travelers. She glanced up as a shadow fell across her book, placing her hand to shade her eyes.

"Pardon me miss... but do you know where the Ranger station is located? My horse seems to have lost her way. Silly beast that she is."

"Do you have a habit of riding up and scaring strangers half to death? It is quite rude you know."

She wasn't sure what she expected, but the deep laugh that burst forth was not it. Gathering her skirts she jumped off and as she stomped off toward the house pointed down the river.

"Follow the river til you come to a clearing. It is there, now if you please. I have chores to attend to."

"Yes little miss I see that you do. But before you go, what is your name? So I may tell Sir Robert who directed one of his captians to him?"

"Josie! Now go and bother someone else!"

Her heart pounding, checks flushed, butterflies in her stomach she stomped toward the house determined not to let him see how he had gotten under her skin. Reaching the house she turned the knob on the door, she hesitated and turned to see if he was still there. She saw him riding into the failing sun, golden light falling on his shoulders like a mantle from God. Shaking her head she thought to herself "Foolish girl. What do you think this is? Some romantic story from one of your books?"



    Legendary ScribblerUO News Manager

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The pain was esquieste and it washed over her like a sheet of warm water gliding over a sun warmed rock. Josie moaned in pain and slowly sat up. Wanderer was no where to be seen, proably ran back to the farm, after being spooked by the mongbat. Flithy little creatures. Tentatively she reached down to her ankle and winced in pain, already slowly her boot was uncomfortably tight, but she knew better than to take it off. She looked around desperately for a branch to use as a crutch and found nothing. Closing her eyes she calmed herself. Mumbling over and over "vas mani" she felt a tingling in her foot and up into her calf as the magicks worked its way into her swollen ankle.

She sighed in relief. Not completely healed but enough to where she thought she could bear to stand on it. Scooting back on her backside til she felt the tree behind her she braced herself and decided to rest a bit. Leaning over sideways, stretching her lithe farm out as far as she could she managed to snag her pouch with the tip of her finger and draw it to her. Fumbling at the twine that wrapped around it she began to shake. What a silly thing to do. Letting herself be unseated by her mount by a silly mongbat. She supposed she deserved it from being distracted by her daydreams. She had not been able to get him out of her mind since the day he rode into her life nearly three months ago.

She opened her bag and drew out a peach and bit into it. Juices squirted out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. She couldn't help but laugh she felt like a child again. Eating the peach her mind wandered again as the myserious stranger invaded her mind. She knew he was one of Sir Robert's captains, he had a much told her so. And if she concentrated really hard, meditating on him, she could almost see him. Standing there with his arrow in his hands, showing a recruit how to swiftly fire a accurate arrow, using his focus to see where his shot would be. His shoulders always caught her attention, so broad and strong. She watched him as he moved among the men, offering instructions and the rare rebuke. "Who are you?" She thought to herself. No sooner had the thought manifested itself in her mind did he urn, and as if she were standing right in front of him replied, "I am Michael Loxley young one. And I have been waiting for you."