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Howdy folks,


I just wanted to give a heads up for all perspective customers.

from today on, I will also sell certain goods from the farm, provided I am not out on some "wild mongbat chase" in the lands somewhere.


Given a head-up I would be at the premesis though.

Speaking of which:

BfarmSB.png BfarmSBMap.png


I will add a pricelist to this page to assist those interested.


10 Orange Petal - 1500 Gold

10 Red Leaf - 1500 Gold

10 Petal from Rose of Trinsic - 1500 Gold


Black Thunder (Strong) - 300 Gold per Keg


Seasones Fish Steaks - 25 Gold per 10

Cut of Ribs - 25 Gold

Barbequed Chicken - 50 Gold

Leg of Lamb - 100 Gold

Meat pie (venison) - 30 Gold

Meat pie (beef or pork) - 25 Gold


Fruit pie of choice * - 25 Gold

Cake (Exceptionally seasoned) - 25 Gold

Cookies (per pan) - 15 Gold

Gingerbread Cookie (talks) - 15 Gold

Pizza (cheese or sausage) - 25 Gold


Miso Soup (any variety)** - 25 Gold


Chocolate (white, milk or dark) Box of 6 pieces - 350 Gold


Fish oil Flask *** - 1 silver (150 Gold)


* - Apple, pear, peach, pumpkin or quiche

** - Plain, red, white or awase flavored

*** - This oil will keep your lantern burn a lot longer than the rubbish oil the provisioner's seels you.


Plants - Basic (Plain, dull or bright Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange or Purple)

1000 Gold ****

Plants - Peculiar variety (any of them)

5000 Gold

Plants - Special color (White, Black, Magenta, Aqua, Cyan or Fire)

10000 Gold ****


**** - Many Plants are readily available, if not, please allow gathering, crossbreeding and growing time. (these times may vary strongly)

Plants take generally 10 days to grow, please allow for such times when plants are available.


Plants wanted alive should be collected on the 10th day of your order confirmation from me, every day the plant is collected later, will cost 500 gold extra (5 silver)





I will be seeing you all at my farm then.




Harry Biggins

Pigeon cage: 13979416


[OOC]This is an RP shop, however anyone is welcome to visit. Prices have been altered to accomodate the recent changes of the farm and its resources[/OOC]


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Biggins Farm is proud to announce as of today we will provide a Catering Service to your Events.


Prices will vary on the indended group size for your specific event.


1 - 10 : 3500 Gold *

11- 25 : 10000 Gold *

25 - 50: 20000 Gold *


Groups larger than 50 people will need to be discussed in private, and a fee for this will have to be arranged.


Every Catering service will include basic drinks like Cider, Ale, Wine and Liquor as normally provided by Taverns. (Some special drinks are available, but as stock allows and at no extra charge)

Also included is a serving of a soup, most types of a meal for the guests.

If no special requests are made, all will have fish and meat products in them, only by special order will vegan meals be served.


* - The prices include everything the event will need, food and drink related, no hidden fees.


For orders or contact, please send a Pidgeon, Parrot or Hawk to Biggins Farm: 13979416


Special Notice:

Biggins Farm will take no responsibility for any misbehaving due to overconsumption of beverages.

That responsibility will remain with the organiser of the event.

Once the event begins, the fee is to be considered used, and no refunds will be made, neither by accident or foul play.

If for any reason the event in cancelled, Biggins Farm must be notified of such actions no less than 2 days before said event.


Failure to do so will result in 50% of the agreed fee to be billed to compensate for prepared foods.

If the cancellation comes within 24 hours, the full fee will be billed, as much more prepared foods will be lost.


Biggins Farm employees will have the right to seperately sell their wares during these events, they are however, always bound by local laws and customs.

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Howdy folks,


As of today there are two additions to the services of Biggins Farm.


1) We can provide weddings and Birthday parties with a wonderful 3-layered cake, chosen with or without greeting or wishes.

Note: These cakes can be supplied with a catering service, and in such case, the cake will be complementary. (with a basic color, i.e. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple or Orange). Additional costs will be added for less common colors.


Separate prices on request, primarily depending of requested color.


2) Cooking workshops are now available, for up to six (6) people at a time.

These workshops will teach you the basics of cooking a cake, pie and cookies.

Prices for these workshops will be 500 gold per person, a six person reservation will be 2000 gold.


The workshop will be around one hour in duration, and you may take home what you make.


As always, if there are questions, feel free to contact Biggins Farm at: 13979416

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