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GRI Guild Meeting and Community Hunt 3/11/12

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The GRI Guild is meeting tonight at 6 pm eastern, 5 pm central time in the pavilion near the beach in Trammel New Magincia.

We are going to discuss, among other things:

  • Re-establishing the GRI guilding ceremony for new members
  • Re-establishing weekly guild hunts - some for fun and to explore the game, some to gather crafting resources for Guild members (i.e., leathers, scales, ingredients), some as participation in Shard EM Events and/or Overall Game Storyline Events
  • Participation as a guild in Alliance Hunts on a regular basis
  • Participation as a guild in Community Hunts on a regular basis
  • Participation as a guild in Shard EM Events (i.e., situation in Trinsic)
  • Participation as a guild in Overall Game Storyline Events (i.e., Awakenings)
  • Guild patrol of New Haven daily to offer assistance to new players and help introduce them to the fun that can be had in UO
  • Guild assistance daily to Fel or Tram New Magincia to establish Guild Town Loyalty - put out fires, pick up garbage, arrest criminals, terminate invaders, and assist the angry protestors by giving them gold, food, and clothing.
  • Assistance to those who wish to build to knighthood in the virtues
  • Communication with each other
Anything anyone would like to bring to the table is open for discussion.

After the meeting, we will participate in a Guild / Alliance / Community Hunt.

1st - Go to Ver Lor Reg and speak to Shirron Argahrok to begin the Trail of Blood Quest in the Awakenings Overall Game Storyline Event. We'll take a vote on how to travel to Ver Lor Reg - by portal, no fighting, or through Ilshenar, which could be fighting unless you stealth or run very, very fast.

2nd - After speaking to Argahrok, we'll go to the Blood Dungeon to kill enough Purified Blood Elementals for everyone who wants to participate further in the quest - which will earn them the ability to climb mountains into the blocked off parts of Ilshenar where they can fight grave robbers to gather stolen artifacts to turn in for points to exchange for reward items. Purified Blood Elementals have a little over 3000 hit points. To put that into perspective, Ogre Lords have about 500. Bring Blood Elemental Slayers if you have them. Healers are always good for those who are tanking. Dragons ought to be helpful too.

3rd - After gathering the purified blood samples, we'll return to Ver Lor Reg and then we'll see Carl the Mountain Climber to gain the ability to climb mountains.

Lastly - After we get the ability to climb mountains we can either participate further in the quest at this time or turn our attentions to another attempt to spawn the Semidar - giant female succubus. She is one of the five rotating spawns at the four altars in Ilshenar. We'll need to watch for the one that begins with Imps and Greater Mongbars. The Semidar is a man-eater. It is not uncommon for her area spell to kill all the men. Male characters will need to fight in necromatic Wraith Form or morphed into a female character. Male characters are also effective as healers of female and pet fighters. Semidar has 10,000 hit points. She doesn't go down easy but cu sidhe's have proved effective against her in the past.

Of course, we are always keeping our eyes open for Crimson Dragons. Still need their hearts.

See you in game.



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Catskills - thanks to everyone who came out tonight. That was fun. Lets do do more stuff like this. Y'all are awesome!