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A guide to Stats.

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In this guide we will cover the three statistics or 'Stats' and how they affect your character and what skills use which stats.

What are the Stats?

  • Strength - Is the determining factor in your characters hit points (health), how much you can carry in your pack in weight (there is a maximum number of items allowed). It influences the amount of damage you do with combat skills.
  • Dexterity - Relates directly to your Stamina which factors into your swing speed for weapons and is used for parry. Also if you are over weighted you will be able to run until your stamina is depleted.
  • Intelligence - Relates directly to your Mana . Many skills abilities or spells consume mana including special used in the melee skills. Some spells also do damage based on your Intelligence against another player or monster.

How stats work & their caps.

Your stats can be managed and tailored to your character's needs. This is done by a raise, lower or lock system found on your character's status bar in the Classic Client or in your Character sheet on the Enhanced client. (Below is images showing the arrows on both clients that help you manage them.)

Posted Image Posted Image

The arrow in these pictures are what controls the Raise, Lower or Lock. right now they all show to raise. If it were set to lower the arrow would be pointing down and if it is set to lock then a small padlock will appear.

Stats are subject to a cap both collectively and individually.
The base caps for stats are:

Individually each strength, dexterity and intelligence can be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 125.

Collectively you start out with a cap of 225, however if you have played the game for more than 6 months you will get a bonus of 5 bringing you to 230 which means the collective total of all three stats cannot go above that cap.

There are different ways to increase your stats above the individual caps by using spells, magic items and potions which can increase your stat to above 125 to a maximum of 150.

You can also increase the cap of your collective stats by using Stat Scrolls, which you get from killing The Harrower . They come in 5 different levels, from +5 - +25, effectively giving you a maximum collective cap of 255.

Increasing and Decreasing your Stats

If you wish to actively increase your stats you can do so by working skills that are associated with the stat you wish to work. Every skill has a Primary and Secondary stat that it effects and is effected by it.
Every time you use the appropriate skill and the stats are set raise then you you will have a 5% chance that you will get a stat increase. If both the primary and secondary stat are set to it will increase the primary stat 75% of the time and the secondary stat 25% of the time. If one of those are locked it will increase the one that is set to raise 100% of the time. If both are locked or set to lower then neither will change.

Other things to note while working your stats are:
There is no cap on how many stat points you can gain in any one day. (If you keep working it, it will keep going up.)
If you purchase skills from an NPC then you will not gain stat points.

If you want to lower a stat then you have to click the little arrows in the pictures above until it points to down and you have to raise the others to the cap so that as you gain in them you will drop in the one you have lowered.

The table below show each skills primary & secondary stat.

[TABLE="Skill Stat Guide"] Skill | Primary | Secondary
Alchemy | Intelligence | Dexterity
Anatomy | Intelligence | Strength
Animal Lore | Intelligence| Strength
Animal Taming| Strength | Intelligence
Archery | Dexterity | Strength
Arms Lore | Intelligence | Strength
Begging | Dexterity | Intelligence
Blacksmithing | strength | Dexterity
Bowcraft/Fletching | Dexterity | Strength
Bushido | Strength | Intelligence
Camping | Dexterity | Intelligence
Carpentry | Strength | Dexterity
Cartography | Intelligence | Dexterity
Chivalry |Strength | Intelligence
Cooking |Intelligence | Dexterity
Detect hidden | Intelligence | Dexterity
Discordance | Intelligence | Dexterity

[TABLE="Skill Stat Guide"] Skill | Primary | Secondary
Evaluate Intelligence | Intelligence | Strength
Fencing | Dexterity | Strength
Fishing | Dexterity| Strength
Focus| Dexterity | Intelligence
Forensic Evaluation | Intelligence | Dexterity
Healing | Intelligence | Dexterity
Herding | Intelligence | Dexterity
Hiding | Dexterity | Intelligence
Inscription | Intelligence | Dexterity
Item Identification | Intelligence | Dexterity
Lockpicking | Dexterity | Intelligence
Lumberjacking | Strength | Dexterity
Mace Fighting | Strength | Dexterity
Magery | Intelligence | Strength
Meditation | Intelligence | Strength
Mining | Strength | Dexterity
Musicianship | Dexterity | Intelligence

[TABLE="Skill Stat Guide"] Skill | Primary | Secondary
Necromancy | Intelligence | Strength
Ninjitsu | Dexterity | Intelligence
Parry | Dexterity | Strength
Peacemaking | Intelligence | Dexterity
Poisoning | Intelligence | Dexterity
Provocation | Intelligence | Dexterity
Remove Trap | Dexterity | Intelligence
Resisiting Spells | Strength | Dexterity
Snooping | Dexterity| Intelligence
Spellweaving | Intelligence | Strength
Stealing | Dexterity | Intelligence
Stealth | Dexterity | Intelligence
Swordsmanship | Strength | Dexterity
Tactics | Strength | Dexterity
Tailoring | Dexterity | Intelligence
Taste Identification | Intelligence | Strength

[TABLE="Skill Stat Guide"] Skill | Primary | Secondary
Throwing | Dexterity | Strength
Tinkering | Dexterity | Intelligence
Tracking | Intelligence | Dexterity
Veterinary | Intelligence | Dexterity
Wrestling | Strength | Dexterity

How do my Stats affect my Health, Mana and Stamina?

The combination of stats you have should be used to fit your style of character for example if your a Mage you will more likely have more Intelligence rather than Dexterity and Strength. Below is the Formula used to work out your Hit Points, Mana and Stamina.

  • Health = (Strength / 2) + 50
  • Stamina = Dexterity
  • Mana = Intelligence

It is possible to get items like jewels, armour or clothing that can give bonuses to these things which would go on top the calculations above for example:

If your strength was 90 and you had a ring that gave you 10 extra hit points you would have: (90/2) + 50 + 10 = 105 Hit points.

If you find any wrong information or would like to add more detailed information for this guide then please PM Rupert Avery with the information