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Mesanna's Sea Monkeys! One of Two!

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Up for auction are the super rare Sea Monkeys, stolen from Mesanna's 20,000 Leagues under the Sea event on Drachenfels. Mesanna scattered up to two of these items throughout the entire shard. The majority of these items utilize rare or new graphics. Have a super unique item to show off, or take Indy's advice and put it in a museum. All proceeds go to the buy-my-first-castle fund.


HUGE EDIT: Wow, so who's the new money here, eh? In order to avoid everyone doing a last second bid just above the reserve price, I'm changing the format of the auction. You sneaky folks. See below for the amended (and borrowed) rules.


1. Please save your questions or comments to pm or icq. Keep the thread for bids only.

2. If an item reaches a certain bid that I am comfortable with and that item has not received a bid for about 24 hours, I might sell the item to the high bidder so please if you really want to bid on something do not just sit around and wait

3. All items must be bid on with a minimum of a 1 million gold increment

4. Payment and pickup on Atlantic


Thank you and happy bidding!


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Can i please ask you do you know this green latern?.. or do you have a way to get ahold of this person?.. i would like to see if he is my old friend from lake superior, if so he was the one who taught me how to pvp with a necro/mage back in the day! i would greatly appreciate it if you could try and get a hold of him for me and if its the same person please have him contact me at: shaggymic@ymail.com

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