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Siege Perilous Guides,Hints, Tips & FAQs

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This Thread is for players of Siege Perilous to post their guides to Siege and experiences,

Please only put proper guides here. this is not a rant thread


Hoffs from Siege has been asked to do some FAQs and guides by myself. He kindly said he would so stay tuned.

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What is Siege?


Siege Perilous is an official Ultima shard with an alternative ruleset. It offers a more challenging experience than normal “production” shards (as they are referred to by Siege players) with more of a focus on player interaction.



What are the major rule differences from regular shards?


All Felucca rules

There is no Trammel on Siege, and all other facets use Felucca rules; you could potentially be attacked anywhere. Cities still have guard zones as on regular shards, but there is nothing to stop murderers entering them. Healing a “red” will flag you as a criminal but not get you guard-whacked.


No insurance


One character per account

This brings the community closer together. It is difficult to hide behind alts on Siege and with fewer potential characters out there, you quickly get to know (at least by name) most other players. And because you can't so easily start up a scribe/smith/tailor/imbuer/etc. of your own, you have to depend more on other players for many services. Because of the character restriction, the majority of Siege players have more than one account and/or utilize soulstones to switch templates slightly.


No selling goods to, or buying resources from, NPC vendors

Another change that promotes community interaction; you will have to trade resources with other players. Items that NPCs do sell are three times the cost of regular shards.


Modified skill gains

Siege uses the “Rate-over-time” skill system [q.v.] and you cannot buy skills from NPCs. You can gain up to fifteen stat points a day.


No character transfer

You cannot bring characters to or take them off Siege. What happens on Siege stays on Siege.


No Recall or Sacred Journey

Only gate travel works on Siege. In addition, you cannot mark runes nor cast gates in dungeons and the Lost Lands.


Used items will eventually wear out

Musical instruments, crafting tools, fishing poles and other resource-gathering equipment will eventually break. This keeps crafters in a job. Do not use your best weapons to skin corpses!!



Is Siege a PvP shard?


This is probably the biggest myth about Siege in recent years. Yes, there are plenty of PvPers, but the majority of the population has always been PvM/crafter types, choosing to work on a shard where the danger level is greater but the rewards taste much sweeter as a consequence.



How large is the Siege population?


Siege has always had a relatively small population as many players are afraid of Siege and have misconceptions about being constantly PKd and it being full of nothing but rabid PvPers. The shard often seems very quiet and you will not see many people at banks even if you stay for quite some time. Siege can be a lonely place to run solo and being part of a guild is highly recommended as is the use of General Chat.



What is the Siege community like?


Despite, or probably because of its relatively small size, the Siege population is generally extremely friendly. Most regular players know one another at least by name and are much more willing to help out and/or interact with one another, particularly newcomers. EM events do not feature the “gimme my reward NOW” attitude seen on some shards.



When are most people online on Siege?


Siege is an extremely cosmopolitan shard with players from all over the US as well as from Europe and further afield, and this has always caused problems when finding suitable times to schedule events. Nevertheless, the peak time is usually around prime times for the eastern US.



How does the Siege economy compare to regular shards?


The Siege economy is fairly robust and has not suffered the hyper-inflation of most other shards. Because equipment can always be lost, both to other players and monsters, there is a natural gold sink available. On Siege, a million gold is still a fairly decent amount of money. Typical examples of prices are: iron ingot, 25; greater heal keg, 8000; ; Ethy horse, 250-300k; 120 fencing scroll, 300k; cursed Orny, 300-400k; Legacy token, 2.5-3 million; event rare, 3-4 million; castle in non-premium location (when available), 8-10 million.



Is scripting/duping common on Siege?


Because of the lack of character transfer to/from Siege, the shard has been spared much of the duping that has taken place on regular servers over the years. You can be pretty sure that virtually any high-price item you see on Siege is the genuine thing.


Resource scripting, too, is slightly less common on Siege due to the lack of Recall/Sacred Journey. Additionally, if you do come across a scripter and you do not want to go through the regular reporting process, the all-Fel ruleset allows you to take the law into your own hands! If you do not want to risk a murder count, just report the person in General Chat and you will probably find someone willing to oblige.



With Fel rules everywhere, will I be PKd the moment I step out the guardzone?


No. There are relatively few PKs on Siege these days, and only one or two who would res-kill and dry loot, etc. Provided you keep out of the obvious areas, such as the Despise champion spawn or the Blighted Grove, you will be unlucky to meet a killer very often. Even so, it is wise to always follow the number one rule of Siege: Do not leave home with equipment you cannot afford to leave.



With no insurance, can everything be looted from my corpse?


No, many mundane and non-combat items are blessed on Siege. This includes basic spell books, runebooks, BODs, checks, commodity deeds, reward tickets and most veteran rewards. A clothing bless deed can also be used on items that do not have any magical mods. Additionally, players can use their Siege Bless [q.v.]. Personal Bless Deeds are not available on Siege.



What templates are viable on Siege?


Pretty much anything that works on a normal shard. The only exception may be those which require a lot of high-end equipment to work well as you could lose most of it if PKd.



Is a crafter any use on Siege?


Absolutely. Basic imbued suits are always in demand, as are pots, spellbooks, repair deeds, fishing poles, arcane clothing, mined gems, etc.



What is Siege Bless?


Siege Bless allows players to bless any one item in their character's paperdoll or backpack. Typically this will be their most valuable piece of armour or weapon. To use it, bring up the context menu, select “Siege Bless Item”, then target the item you want to bless. If successful, the message “Blessed for character name will appear on the item. The object will remain blessed until you either remove it from your character or use Siege Bless on another item.



How do I get around easily without Recall?


Once again, community interaction is encouraged and players without magery will rely on guildmates and friends to get them quickly to hunts/hotspots. Characters such as crafters can get by with minimal mage skill buffed by jewels and spellbooks and/or scrolls, whilst crystal portals can get you quickly one-way to dungeons and towns. Finally, just outside the east gate of Umbra is Pinkerton's (aka Kelmo) Siege Central Station, or “The Hub” as it is commonly known. This has teleporter tiles to various locations on the shard, many of which are public. The most useful is to his public house on the western side of the Abyss, providing quick and easy access to that dungeon for the entire shard.



Where are most vendors located?


Most vendors are to be found in New Magincia and around Zento (Makato).



How does the Rate-over-time skill system work?


Rate-over-time, or ROT, limits the amount a skill can rise in a given period. It was originally coupled with a limit on the amount of gains that could be obtained per day, thus requiring a much longer time for the development of characters. Whilst the time limits between individual gains still remain, the daily cap on the total amount has been removed, thus speeding the overall training process considerably, particularly if several skills are being worked on together.


ROT kicks in when a skill reaches 70, with skills gaining just like any other shard until that point. Once at 70 you can only get a single gain in that skill every five minutes and as the skill rises further, so does the gap in-between gains as shown below:



  • For skills between 70 and 79.9, one gain every five minutes.
  • For skills between 80 and 89.9, one gain every eight minutes.
  • For skills between 90 and 99.9, one gain every twelve minutes.
  • For skills 100 and above, one gain every fifteen minutes.


Whilst seen as a big disadvantage at first sight, ROT also has its advantages. Gains on skills under ROT are almost automatic, usually on the first attempt, and thus cuts down the amount of resources needed for training crafting skills considerably. And for skills that are tedious to train, such as taming and poisoning, moving into ROT with its quasi-guaranteed gains is seen as a blessed relief by many.


ROT can also be speeded up through the use of Scrolls of Alacrity and Transcendence (q.v.).



Can I use SoAs and SoTs on Siege?


Yes indeed, and they are a prime method of speeding up gains in ROT. Consuming a Scroll of Transcendence will instantly add the given amount to your skill without otherwise affecting your ROT gains.


When a Scroll of Alacrity is consumed and that skill is in ROT, the usual times between gains remains but each gain will vary from between 0.2 and 0.5, or an average of 0.35. To stop the countdown timer on the scroll, the character should immediately log out in a safe location, wait until the ROT time has expired, then log in again and get another gain. By repeating this process it is possible to gain a considerable amount of skill at an accelerated rate before the fifteen minute scroll timer comes to an end. The disadvantage is that you can obviously not use the character for anything else during this time.



What is the NEW guild? NEW - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia


Newborn on Siege, or NEW, is a unique guild that has served the Siege community for over ten years, most of that time under the current GM Lady Shalimar. All newcomers to the shard are entitled to spend their first month or so in the guild, during which time they will receive advice, basic equipment, use of a guildhall for training, and some immunity from PKs. NEW do not care what type of character or playstyle you have, they merely want to help you get started. The only restrictions on NEW members are that they must always show their guild tag and must not become involved in PvP/stealing (unless by consent for training purposes), looting other player's corpses, or anything that would violate the NEW's neutrality toward other guilds.


At the end of a player's time in NEW, leaders will help place them in a regular guild if they have not decided on one for themselves. They are also happy to help returning players in that capacity.



I would like to give see a try but I don't see it on the server list at log-in?


Young players cannot enter Siege and it will not appear on the list of servers for them. To remedy this they will need to log into a regular shard and remove their Young status by saying the words "I renounce my young player status".

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Does Siege have factions?


Yes. On Siege, the factions use the old hero/evil system. TB and COM are considered the hero factions and Minax and SL the evil ones, although all four are at war with one another.



How to I get to New Haven and the Underworld?


There is no New Haven on Siege. The entrance to the Underworld is via a black portal at the top of the temple on Fire Island. Alternatively, you can get there via the Abyss by using the public house at The Hub.



Can you use Telekinesis for disarming trapped chests?


No, it does not work on Siege. But you can survive even the most potent of traps with a 70s resist fire suit.



What is the difference between the Siege and Mugen shards?


Mugen still has a Trammel facet. On Siege it does not exist.



How do I train ninjitsu or bushido from scratch if I cannot buy skills from NPCs?


You will need to use jewels to boost your skill. Ask in General Chat and you should be able to find someone willing to provide you with a set.

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A bit of info... in the first post "just outside the east gate of Umbra is Kelmo's Siege Central Station, or “The Hub” as it is commonly known" was mentioned.

While it is planned to be operational again, at the time this building is closed off until the current situation is resolved.


Should not be more then a few days though, but it is not sure... I will keep tabs on this, and report here when the building is accessable again.


Baruk S

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