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Lets Play: Name That Building (Dragon's Watch)

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I threw together a composite of DW as a reference for the map I'm making. I was hoping you could all tell me what the buildings are called and who the owners are for when I do the key on the proper map.


I've numbered them for your convenience, so you just need to tell me the names.




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I think I may know something about this :)

All the houses our MINE!! Muhahahhaha!


ok here goes.


1. Lost Dragon Tavern, DRAGONS WATCH

owner: Mac


2. Dragons Watch City Hall/Office of Transportation

owner: Uzell Cabal


3. unnamed

owner: Ebil Ash


4. Dragons Watch Public Works

owner: Tyrannus Miles


5. Office of Mayor NANOC

owner: Anne Vil


6. Dragons Watch Apothocary Shoppe

owner: Sabina


7. unnamed

owner: DOCTORE


8. The Hot Spot

owner: Jimi Hendrix



owner: Citsejam Tehporp


10. Elder Library of Dragons Watch

owner: Goro



owner: Somebody


12. Dragons Watch Home of the Lowly Fisher

owner: Badger


13. Dragons Watch Keep

owner: Se'an Silverfoot


14. Rooms to Let

owner: Norm


15. Aryslan's Gift to Dragons Watch

owner: Unknown Origin


16. Dragons Watch Tower

owner: Lameth

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And I just finished Band Isle now too for those who are curious. These have been so fun to do. That should also give more of an idea of the different styles I can do. Up next are Gyldenfeld (I shall be makin' a post on zere forum) and finally Aryslan (looks like the duty of aiding me on that one will be left to Ent).


Then I shall find something else to map or something!


ALSO, I'd like other people's submissions for the times as well. They don't have to be anything elaborate if people don't wish. Remember that the primary aim of a map is to be informative and clear.


I can also explain how I do some of mine too. Those like the Dragon's Watch one are more procedural than artistic and aren't that hard to do really!

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