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Best PvM Templates?

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I have been with out playing uo for a while...
I always play with a Peace/Tamer like this one:

all set to GM. i was searching for new effective builds, and i ran into theese 2:
The "sampire" it's something like a samurai/chiv/necro seems to be very effective (with the right items).
Also i found this one:

110 eval {+10 and more mods on item that is needed scrapper's} (120)
100 script
90 magery {crystal ring +20 mage +20 focus sdi}
95 spellweaving {be always focus 5th level or 6th}
95 necro {+5 necro totem bloodwood} (100)
110 Speak {+10 speak totem bloodwood} (120)
120 Resist

i found this last one very intresting.
If anyone could explain me how these 2 builds works, i would be very gratefull.
Or any suggestion on new builds are wellcome too.



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The Sampire is about dealing out large amounts of damage and leeching back life due to being in vampire form. The template is very item intensive if you want to compete at a high level, but you can get by with lower level equipment if your goals are not too high. Do a search for Sampire and you'll find plenty of information about templates and equipment.



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Sampire all around the best. I tried my greater dragon the other day and was truely(sp?) dissapointed at how long it took for it to tank a unbound ev when I could do it in half the time with my sampire.



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The Bushido-Chiv-Thrower is a great and fun PvM-Template and also viable in PvP.

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