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OOC: Regarding my health.

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Right, as most of you know, I was send to the Hospital with a bloodclot in the aterie that needed surgery. I was on the table for four hours because of complications. Unfortunally, I will be heading back to the hospital tomorrow morning around 9 - Where they will remove some of my toes, as the smaller bloodclots (The complications) have shut down for my bloodsteam in my toes.


I will try and keep people updated on my health - With a bit of help from my sister.


Take good care of yourselfs! Looking forward to come back home without pains.



/Player of Sioned/Becca/Annwyn and loads of others.


P.S - Hehehe! They might take my toes! But I will still have my hands so I can tab the keyboard! =)

Sorry... my macabre humor.. *Ahem*


See you folks around!

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