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Scammer/Hacker Alert *Updated*

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Players I CAN FLY ,Big Alan, Quicher.bichen and Sir-Smoke-Alot hacked Alice Wonderland on Legends shard.


He transfered her castle to himself and then deleted ALL of her chars, . He is trying to sell her castle and content for real life money. An attempt was made to buy the castle for gold and he tried to steal the gold then flaked. EA has been notified and is aware of all but say they cannot return the castle to her. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY! He has chars on other shards trying to sell the castle which is located on Legends.

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Yes - I am her rl husband (Alice's). He offered to us and friend for 250 then 300 the dif prices all the way down to 125 in real life cash by western union or moneygram. Then later for 300Million gold and jacked around said later on then tomorrow, so we decided nope can replace and not getting additionally scammed.


Alice Wonderland is fairly well known on Legends and many have and/or have offered to help her out in game.


The character names involved are definately involved. The rl info is from a confirmed $1 payment to a Paypal account he said send money, and then he asked in game who sent the $1.00.

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