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fun pvp template i have been playing with...

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I have found that thou it may be lacking in actual strength i have found that it is quite deadly on the field and works better if coupled with an archer...

it is...

90 ninja (+30 on jewles)
120 fencing
120 spellweave
100 alchemy
100 poison
90 healing (use enhanced bandages to make up to gm/also use faction bandages)
100 anatomy

the weapon I use is a assasin spike imbued with
15 dci
15 hci
hit lightning 45
hit lower defence 50
damage increase 1

Ninja +15
15 dci
15 hci
5 lmc
7 fire resist

Ninja +15
15 hci
5 lmc
25 ep
9 fire resist

with tangle, corgul sash and quiver you have the other 15 dci to make 45

the rest of the suit is built with mana and hpr in mind and of course all 70s the tally i am using is the alch one which gives you another 15 ep means total ep is 70 my one also have 29 alch bonus which is very handy for making pots on the fly more on this later.

try as hard to get as much hpr as poss, and also a lvl6 foucs for weave gift of renewal, attunement and summon pixies are your friend

hpr coupled with cat form, bandages, gift of renewal and pot healing will literally mean you become a huge damage soak... and then adding attunement to it means people will be hard put to put you in a DR

ninja and nox = leathal poison
with ninja able to use darts and stars which means long range leathal nox

thou you have no tactics you can still use the spike for nox, and with 3 ways of noxing even if your target can cure once you can nearly keep them in a constent state of poison

your damage is mainly with nox thou having 5 pixies helps alot and keeps casters in a state of disrupt
you can also use potions to help with damage, conflag and nova pots work great together i have found

since they doubled the weight of full potions i have found that have more then a few minutes worth of combat time is to carry 250 of the pot making regs and then carry 2 total refresh, 2 str, 2 agility, 4 heal and 10 cure pots then with uoa have seperate macros to make the pots as you run along with that meny regs you have easily about an hour of potions in field combat.

thats basicly it in a nut shell

i do also carry bola's for dismounts... and i have found it very effective... the only downfall thou is when up against a mystic and they go stoneform....

Death comes in so meny forms and I know quite a few of them....http://img204.imageshack.us/i/yelenasig.jpg/