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Desperately Need Your Help

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Hi everyone,


I desperately need your help. I have a deadline, and it is crunch time. As some of you know I am working on a GameXbar for Star Wars: The Old Republic... I'm trying to have it ready for launch the same day SWTOR launches on December 20th. I've been up the last 30 hours working on graphics, updates the sites, servers and UltimaXbar. Why UltimaXbar to build another GameXbar? I'll explain.


When it is time to build a new GameXbar, rather then build it totally from scratch... I get an existing one as current and up-to-date as possible, and then I duplicate it. Make a copy. UltimaXbar being the first, has essentially the master for all the others... it has the most content & features, is the most up to date, and sentimental favorite (ya, I'm a little biased as much as I try not to be).


I need you to go through the UO, Community and Media menus... looking for broken links, dead sites, typos, and anything else that needs fixed; and post it here. The RSS News, Safety, Tools, and Twitter Reader menus are already done. This will save a lot of time, and if several of you pitch in... it won't take long. Even if you don't use UltimaXbar now, but use it for a day or so even if you don't want to keep it (hope you do though).


Thanks in advance to those that can pitch in!

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The Media menu is done, with some updates, changes and new additions. Today I've been copying the Media & Safety menus over to the other GXBs (UltimaXbar is the only one that had the Media menu)... bringing them all up to date.


Tonight I'll dupe the UltimaXbar and build a SWTORXbar out of the dupe.

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