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Scammer Alert:

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Forget it... the info the guy gave me was fake.... and i found out the owner of teh info he did use...



Scammer Icq: Name Is Mayy K, Icq:




The scammer is telling a person selling goods or gold that they want to buy it from you at whatever the price is... Find another random person and tells them they will sell you at the same price for such amount of gold you get..... The person buying the gold from the scammer sends it to another person who thinks there selling gold to this guy... and now you have two people disputing over each other that had two whole differnt ideas and transactions.

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Hello, this is Korlic from the atlantic shard.


I was almost scammed by Mayy K too, he apparently was trying to scam myself and swanson at the same time.


He told me he'd buy 300m worth for $150 so I agreed and started bagging ect.

He had also told swanson or his friend apparently that he would sell them 500m at $150


Now.. he planned to have them send me $150 and he gets 300m while swanson and I would be in a dispute fight while he put us both on ignore in ICQ.


thankfully swanson sent a 10 cents payment asking me to icq him and telling me it was a scam.


This clued us both in that he wasnt sending $150 to the scammers paypal, but mine.


So no one was scammed in the end.. but Mayy K on ICQ is definitely a devious scammer, do not trust him he is apparently scamming multiple shards.


Anyone claiming to be, that is not wearing a grey death robe named

"A death robe signed by "EM Thomas Pyewacket" is not me.


Please be careful while trading, this person is impersonating many people.

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