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I am very sorry to announce that the player of Alexander Fraser and Verity Sands of the Guardsmen Militia is no longer with us. Her son in law has contacted us and explained that she suffered heart failure and passed away in her sleep last Tuesday night.


Alex was a member of Grd for over a decade, and just about the most authentic, reliable and loyal besieger that there ever was. I always relied on her counsel for any decisions we had to make and never regret following her advice. Above all, she was selfless - always put the division and guild as a whole before herself, and although I tried to coax her into taking over full leadership of the besiegers on many occasions, she never had any of it. She was far too modest and humble to want anything like that.


I didn't know all that much about her life on an OOC level, and deeply regret falling out of touch with her when I left UO, but we spoke a lot and she was always very kind, supportive, honest and wise. She really was an amazing person that I honestly never had a bad word to say against.


She also played on other servers on multiple accounts. Her other characters include Passerby, Mylanthe of Yew, Amethyst, Cameron, Bede, Diamond Steel, Yandros, Fianna, Cutting Edge, Angharad and Nighthawk.


As a number of her real life family still play UO, a small memorial service is being arranged and will be taking place for those that wish to pay their respects.


My sincere condolences to the family - I hope they know just how integral she was to us, and how deep an impact she had on the lives of so many people. Let her always have a place in the memories of those who were lucky enough to know her.

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No matter her identity, she was one of the most reliable people I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. Whilst I knew little of her on a personal level, she always struck me as an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and empathic woman who I knew would always be on hand to offer the insight and wisdom unique to her amongst our members.

There are few I have trusted in more during my time in UO and I can honestly say that neither the game nor guild will ever be the same without her.

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It's a very weird feeling. Alexander Fraser has as Sineal said been around for almost over a decade. I don't think it's completely inaccurate to say that we joined Grd at the same time. And ever since then, she's been one of the most active/commited persons both in Grds ups and downs.


Even though we've played together for so long, I can honestly say I knew very little about her RL. Something that was her choice, I doubt she spoke to many in UO about private related matters. I do remember asking her several medical questions, and she was always there to help.


It feels weird and sad that someone that you've spend so many evenings with, and enjoyed the virtual company of, will no longer be there.


As Dart said, the game will never be the same without her. Condolscences to her family and friends. May she never be forgotten RL, nor virtually.

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Never one to let on too much that was going on IRL, was always very concerned with the here and now, and never got involved with any arguements. Simply one for the role-play and character development.


My lasting memory of Fraser will be in a patrol 5/6 weeks ago she spent up to 30 minutes in a death robe/dying/luring a paragon lich lord away from us, not moaning, just occasionally updating us on it's whereabouts, a very selfless person.


A very admirable human being, and a huge loss for the roleplaying community and Grd.


Rest in peace.

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It's hard to know what to say without echoing the sentiments of others.


I was extremely fond of her and as we all know, the relationship between UOers is inexplicable.


She was kind, considerdate and caring. A voice of reason and one of the most generous, warm and understanding people I've ever had the chance to speak with.

She was very much respected throughout Grd, not only for her loyalty and commitment but her enthusiasm and her ability to engage us all.


I wish her family all the best, my thoughts are with them at this time.

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You closed your eyes last night with the promise of a new day

Your sleep was slumber, your mind was still

Dreams came to take you to another place

The running train of thoughts took hold

Taking you through the stages of life

Reaching out to touch it, almost in your grasp

You tried to wake

Your body lies cold, your soul accompanies you

But the place was not the same as you left before

It was new and strange, strong and fearless

A place of white, with all its glory

People walked all day to ponder

Until their name beckon to the trial of life

It was a purgatory of sorts—a waiting room

You were given a book to read—the book to your life

There were chapters from beginning to end

Some good, some bad, some painful, and some sad

Closing the book to what once was

This would be your body of evidence to determine your resting place

Wonderments of your legacies

Did you live a good life…Did you treat others well

Always assured you had time to correct your wrongs

Your clock stopped ticking without consult

It was no time to reflect, no time to repair

Your sleep was Eternal


My deepest condolence to her family, friends and all who knew her... a tragic loss of a great person...


Sarah Lipp, player of Ilyana

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A more formal announcement will be made soon, but Alexander Fraser's memorial will be taking place next Thursday (20th October) at 8pm UK time.


Her family have requested that we remain IC where possible and they will be in attendance.


I know there are many people that would like to come and pay their respects, both those currently playing and former members, those not playing - if you're unable to reactivate your account, can I suggest using a trial?


Could we all make an effort to make as many people as possible aware of this event?

I would hate for anyone to have wanted to come but not have been informed.


Thank you.

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I really wanted to pop along, but due to the University's network being tighter than a rodents backside and nearly every port being blocked, it looks like I wont make it after all. I hope it's a nice memorial though.. perhaps you could take some screenshots :(


I don't know if it's the same at your Uni as it is mine, but you had to apply to have a port opened to play UO at my Uni, they were fine with it being played, just have to track down the port numbers.


Perhaps something to research, I don't know. Good luck.

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It was a great shame to hear the news and see the respective memorials take place on IPY/Europa. I'd never really got to know Fraser but knew of their reputation simply by name and having seen them countless times over the years. So it was a great surprise when upon discovering the freeshard InPorYlem, Fraser became the first fellow European I met there, I believe she described it as her "home from home".


This was the first time (as far as I can remember) I'd properly introduced myself to Fraser, the first time we'd really spoken in fact, but she was real friendly and we'd often bump into one another as my activity on IPY grew. It was really nice to see a familiar face somewhere so completely alien to me, so it was with great sadness that I learned the sad news some weeks later.


But I was glad to have met them, however briefly, and deeply sorry to see them go. :(

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Aye, its late in comming, I never check these boards and was so inactive that I missed her memorial. I did not know her nor knew her characters or so I had thought till I remebered. It was the day that Empath Abby was robbed by Becca and the swaggers crew. I beleive Marcus was called in to help someone. .. I forget who now. But I remember when Alex saw my character Marcus Kobra, they immediatley recognized me and greeted me in party chat rather congenially with enthusiasm as if they had RPed with me for years. . . It felt odd then, but I must say it was one of the most welcomming greetings I had ever gotten from a player I didn't know, it was that sort of greeting and the level of RP that got me into this shard in the first place. I've now remembered how Alex would have known Marcus, a brief stint as a Covian Grenadier, I had the besiegers rolling nearly pissing themselves in RL cause I was so outrageous. Anyway. . all I wanted to say is that it felt good to be recognized and in that one greeting felt as though it had all mattered.


She will not be forgotten, and I wish comfort to her family and friends however late I may be in giving it. May all of us be remembered so well by so many.

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Not really meaning to spam it, but for those that missed the memorial, but would still like to see it and the interaction of the RP comunity, a large part of it (I have failed to capture every moment unfortunately) but I have most in a 3 part youtube spread.





(part 2)


(part 3) (this one has been enhanced from the horrible original I first posted)



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