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[RP News / Fiction] “There Be Pirates.” The Chimera Raids Britannian Merchant Ships.

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Posted on September 14, 2011 By: WarderDragon

And it Begins.

"Batten down the main sail!" The voice of the Captain roared over the waves. "we're gaining distance - vere port! prepare to broadside!"

Three hands readily followed the orders, the middle aged man, Ian, hired on as pilot twisted the wheel to the captains commands. While Argis a man hailing from the desert island of Nujelm, manned the Port side cannons. The third, Brighton, a soldier for hire picked up from the Magincian docks readied his potions and broadsword.

But the final member of todays crew was curled up at the base of the mast. A creature that at first look seemed to be a pile of sinewy ice and snow. If it weren't for the bursts of freezing breath exerting from two black holes one would think it were just that.

Two piercing gold eyes opened to meet the captains, a hidden message between the two as though telling the dragon to ready itself. The Wyrm unfurled from its position, standing as tall as the mast of the Chimera.

"Boys we've let these sea's be calm for far to long. Let them know - There be Pirates! Let the people know The Chimera rules these waters!" The captain called to his men, being met with a harty cheer before the cannons rang out.

The merchant ship was fast, at tokuno skitter one frequently used by these Britanian merchants, its speed was top notch but that was all the ship had going for it.

"Argis Fire!" As the desert dweller laid fuse to the two main cannons letting both a cannonball barrel itself into the hull of the smaller ship then the grapeshot toss a field of fire across the deck.

Almost on que Brighton released both a explosion potion (which he has come to call a grendao) then a bottle of conflag. Sending the deck of the merchant ship into a scene right from Hell.

"Ian Come about starboard! Argis cross deck! - Brighton Reload those cannons you blubber!"
The Merchant ship turned into their direction, as they began opening fire of their own. Light Cannons - it was a good effort as they scratched the hull of the Pirate ship. Argis readily returning fire from the next set of cannons.

The Captain readied his bow taking aim for the gunner, those molten gold eyes of his narrowed as he gave a sinister grin. Letting lose a force arrow that leveled itself into the young mans chest with enough force to still exit the back and pin the body to the burning deck beneath him.

The Captain raised another arrow aiming for the guide wheel as he forced another arrow to aim striking into the wood and once again exiting the other side ceasing the ships movements. "Frost! Prepare to board!" He called - the White Wyrm letting out a bellow of ice into the wind. "Ian come upon their side and drop moors! Men tonight we dine on Britanian cuisine!" Argis and Brighton each took up a line as they swung from the mast of the Chimera onto the deck of the merchant ship, Argis kicking into the battered and wounded mage knocking it well over board as Brighton clashed swords with one of the crew. Frost beat his wings flying up over the ship knowing his target from experience. Letting lose the iced breath and magic upon the Captain of the ship.

It was a short fight, a good crew rarely let such an easy mark last to long. As the merchant ship crumbled from the spreading flames. "Men! Take the loot! Bring those crates aboard! - Frost! Take hold of the mast keep'er afloat!" Giving a pleased nod to his men, the Chimera took little to no damage - it rarely did against the Britanian merchants, and though he hated to fire on such easy prey... he had a crew to think of, an island to care for, and Vendor bills to pay.

A large call from Brighton knocked the Captain out of his thoughts. "Sir! Crates - Golden Brew ... Pandora and Vesper Ale"

"Well bring them aboard man! Drinks for all ye; soon as ye finish clearing her out and we get to land!"

"Sire!" Argis called as he drug two men upon the deck of the Chimera. "Two survivors. One is the Captain." The Captain immediately turned to face Frost, whom still glided upon the air currents keeping the ship afloat. The Wyrm gave a shrug of its shoulders letting the ship go. The weight of the scuttled vessel could be felt as the ship began to collapse in on itself. The Wyrm falling to the helm of the ship curling back up in its ball.

"Bring'em up! Let me get a look at'em."

One was a younger man, early in life. Soot covered and full of dragon fear, or Pirate Fear as the case may be. The Captain was wounded, barely breathing as the gaping wounds on his body were frozen from shards of ice. It was an easy thought, and perhaps a merciful blow, as Valek took out his cutlass beheading the Captain with such a force it sent the head rolling infront of the young man. As the boy broke down in girlish screams staring down into the eyes of the Merchant Captain. "Argis ... ready a rowboat, set him on course for Verity and let this one go." Those golden eyes looking the boy over with a sneer turning he looked up to the Pilot. "Set Course for Home, we have goods to unload."

"Sir! Shouldn't we send him with supplies? Food ... fresh wat.." Brighton was immediately cut off as the still drawn cutlass slit deep into the mans chest, the bleeding wound gushing upon the deck below. "Do not question me on my ship." Twisting the blade he kicked the body of the man for hire into the young cabin boy. "Argis send the body back with the boy ... be quick about it."

"Aye sire!" As the desert dweller gave no complaints while moving the body of his late crew mate into the base of a cast out rowbat - tossing the boy in by the scruff of his neck.

Captain Typhoon gave a sure nod to his men, signaling Ian. As the Ship lunged on its course, kicking the head of the dead merchant into the ocean following the sinking body he couldn't help but grin - his crew did a good job this day, it was however still morning, and they still had many merchants still at sea waiting to be plucked.


You can read the entire piece here.