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I am just returning after a seven year break from the game and I am trying to understand a few things. I am currently looking at a ninjitsu based build mainly for pvp. This build includes other skills such as bushido to 120 and chivalry to 50ish. I was curious as to what point both skills would have and the benefits over other skills such as healing/anatomy. I see that bushido has a nice heal over time from confidence...and lightning strike seems fairly nice in pve...but I figure I would be using ninjitsu abilities once that gets higher. I do not see myself using any chivalry spells in pvp...I can hardly cure poison from a scorpion let alone do much else with such low skill. Was chivalry better in the past before the recent changes? Is there something I am missing in bushido? I would love to be able to squeeze resists in the build.

Currently what I am thinking is including these skills


Would it be better to replace bushido/chiv with healing/anatomy, or possibly with resist/parry?

again...I haven't played in years...so I am looking for advice based on people's experience.



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Currently, low chivalry and low karma means wasted skill points.

You can cure better with potions.

You can heal better with potions.

You can remove curses more effectively with apples.

I would suggest any other skill than chivalry for a ninja-pk template.

Bushido, on the other hand, offers great burst damage in the form of the bokuto's nerve strike as well as the bonus mana reduction from having more than 300 points in bushido, ninjitsu and weapon skill. It's hard to beat the bokuto for fast weapons, but bushido is required.

The down side is that your choice of tactics is severely limited to disarm, nerve strike, death strike and run (since your healing skills are lacking)

Parry is also in the useless range for a ninja, since mirror images are more effective against melee and if someone is going to hit you more than you hit them (aka anyone who isn't disarmed), the best tactic is smoke bomb and wait for a better moment.

Resist is questionable, since hiding is more effective than resisting, but it could just save your life.

Healing/anatomy are probably the best choices for a new ninja. Nerve strike could easily be replaced with armor ignore for similar results, but the specials will be a lot more expensive.

To fine tune the template, you could try:
120 swords (or fencing is better for a ninja)
90 tactics (can be raised)
100 hiding
80-ish stealth (plus item bonusses)
120 ninjitsu
100 healing
100 anatomy
the rest in parry (I know I said it's useless as a skill, but the mana reduction from 300 in ninja, melee and parry is too good not to shoot for)

With a few more skill points from items, you could probably fit in bushido too, but it's a case of needing 120 points to maximize the effects of nerve strike. At less than 100 bushido, armor ignore is more effective.
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