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My PvP Template

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Hi guys, So I made a new thread on a new template I am or attempting to make or try BUT not sure how it will work out

120 fencing
120 anatomy
120 tactics
120 ninjitsu
120 parry
120 healing

I think that's 700 all together

My ring / bracelet I make for imbuing I put DCI 13 HCI 13 and Dmg Inc 23 I can't find or locate the dungoen to get the extra items so its good from there..

I would also like advice on a field makers suit so I won't die or die so fast in a field battle seeing how all I see are energy field gankers I am just a straight up dexxer with a little of ninjitsu of course that seems to be my fav thing I could possibly lower it but I need some assistance.. I would like to have some help on the suit but I am sor of semi decent I just can't get the extra MR 2 on my imbuing suit.. So, that being said what are the stats and such should I use rings dex stam int str etc thanks



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Hey GhostKillah. I did get your message by the way but I'm afraid I may not be your best resource when it comes to PvP.

Although, I might suggest that you drop parry for achery and go for the disarm bleed attack chain AI attack route. though I could be wrong about that one. hopefully someone can shed some more light here for you. Good luck!

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720 total, but you can make up the difference in items.

Your ideal template will vary depending on whether you want to be able to perform sneak attacks in PvP - a stealther- or outright fight with no ability to hide.

Granted, there are people with detecthidden out there, and less stealthers than there were- but you can still have a degree of success with hiding and stealth.

For starters, you may wanna take anatomy to 110 and healing to 90 - keep in mind those high end tactics/anat/parry scrolls will cost a fair amount of gold.

It's hard to hit people with a melee template these days in PvP, but if you can manage to keep up with them- go for it. Remember you can use deadly poisoned darts or shuriken with the ninjitsu skill.

I would also recommend you use a low-tinker-skill trapped dart box to break paralyzes and carry enchanted apples. Faction bandaids could be a help, but that depends on whether you want to deal with the temporary faction stat loss for dying to an enemy faction.

You want at least a few ways to heal- since you're using bandaids you may wanna carry a balanced bow of some sort, and keep in mind you can get quite a bit of damage increase with talismans and/or weapons. Don't forget Grapes of Wrath give a huge damage increase bonus- 35%, but only for 20 seconds with a 2-minute cooldown.

You also want to max out your stamina, if at all possible. This will reduce swing times on slower weapons and boost your natural resistance to Strangle- since you won't be running resist, a strangle and a pain spike could be seriously damaging to you... carry TR [Total Refresh] potions.

If you go with archery, HLD coupled with HCI will help you do double shots [armor ignores in the case of fencing] and the like with much more success at Legendary combat skills [without modifiers, if both combatants are 120 skill they will each have 33% chance to hit one another] without so much worry whether your opponent has bushido and parry.