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Sampire PvP

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Hi guys, I am new to this forum but I thought I would write and ask the players here if they could possibly help me out..

I heard recently from a friend of mine who plays this game that there is a new hybrid class or whatever that is very hard to kill called "Sampire" I looked on this forum and I followed the steps but I did not quite understand the whole concept of the suit building..

Also I would like to see if people can help me out with the casting rotation and str dex int out IF possible.. I am new to that and would love to try it out on test center and build one on real shard after thank you!!!! :D



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the sampire is not meant for pvp. its actually a very poor choice in that category. But if you want to be otherwise unstoppable against almost every monster in the game then this is the template to do it with. I have answered to this kind of post before and will provide you with a copy paste from the article I wrote before, hopefully it will answer all your questions and you can get started as soon as possible.

I'm gonna give my best shot at trying to answer your questions my friend.

First of all, welcome to UO and UOForums. I think you'll find that you're really going to enjoy this game for a long time to come, there's so much to it. And you're absolutely going to love what your sampire can do for you once you've established it a bit more.

I run a swords sampire because I like the weapon choices available as far special moves and one-handed weapons for pot chugging goes. I always use a radiant scimitar for whirlwind attack during fights with many monsters in one area, and I always use a katana for armor ignore for stronger boss type monsters. Both weapons are rather quick as well. I have a bit of an advanced suit that includes 20% swing speed increase, so I don't put that mod on any of my imbued weapons as I am either at or really close to the 1.25 second swing rate.

In your case, heres what I would suggest for you in your deciding factor on whether to choose fencing or macing.

macing has the black staff for whirlwind attack, this one is the fastest of the whirlwind mace weapons. It is also a 2 handed weapon. Although you wont be able to chug pots with this wep equipped, you will have your 40% chance to block with a 2 handed weapon along with 120 bushido and parry. As for an armor ignore weapon, your choices are the hammer pick or the war axe. the hammer pick swings at 3.75 and has mortal strike as a secondary move, and the war axe swings at 3.25 and has bleed attack as a secondary. Both are 1 handed and will allow you use of pots during a fight with a stronger, harder hitting boss.

I tend to like to use AI (armor ignore) rather than feint because, a) a boss monster will probably still do considerable damage to you still and B) with armor ignore you will hit for the most hit points and therefore get more life back. I hit champ spawns for about 140 with an AI, so that means I'm getting 28 hit points back each time. You'll find also that if you joust a boss rather than stand there and try to stay alive next to him that you'll do much better. Run by him and have your AI ready to go, slash him on the way by and go back for another. If you get hit, just run a little further on your pass and go into confidence with bushido, you'll regain hit points very fast and some stamina too.

as for fencing weps, your only real option for a whirlwind wep is to go with the kama. While they don't hit very hard, they do have a 2 second base swing speed which will mean that even when low on stamina you will still swing fast, and you wont have to put much swing speed increase if any at all on it, saving room for other mods like hit area, hit stamina leech, hit mana leech, and slayers. Kama is a 2 handed wep, so no pots. For a boss weapon, you'll definitely go with the leafblade. Every fencing sampire uses this weapon in their armory. It has a 2.75 base swing speed, feint and AI for specials. Its fast and has the two specials your looking for to do good against boss monsters. The leaf blade is a 1 handed weapon and will grant you the use of pots while fighting the boss.

I personally don't know which route I'd go in either fencing or macing. With both you have a spawn wep that is 2 handed, and a boss wep that is 1 handed. I think I would prefer the leaf blade over the war axe in terms of having both feint and AI. That would be my deciding factor. With mace you hit harder but slower, with fence you hit faster but a little weaker. I think I would still choose fencing because even though you aren't leeching high amounts, your leeching it fast.

Q 2.
I use parry and anatomy. If I were to switch to a spell casting spawn I'd change out parry for resist. Some people switch out anatomy for resist and keep both parry and resist in those cases. I haven't done any spell casting spawns yet so have just stuck with the anatomy parry method. Anatomy gives you more base damage and parry keeps you from getting hit a lot. Both are good. Healing is more for the sampire who hunts in a group as I know. If you have another dexxer or say healing sampire, you can both cross heal each other, as healing someone else is faster than healing your self. So this will all depend on who you are fighting and who you are fighting with. Stone resist spells and healing and have them ready should you wish to change your template to adapt to the situation.

Q 3. The Suit
Oh, where to start. There are a lot of things that one should try to have on a sampire suit. First I’ll just tell you what you should try and get onto your suit, then I’ll list a few pieces that you can use that should be affordable as they will be minor artifacts. And then I’ll tell you some high end gear that you can aim for once you’ve established a bit more.

As far as you stats go, you will want to have high dex and str. Then int will be low as you will try to make up for some on your suit and will have mana leech on every weapon that you use, so you wont have to worry about that as much. If you are not using pots, you need to try to set you dex to 125 and then try to get it up as close to 150 as possible so that your swing speed is as fast as it can get. Your str is your next most important stat. Bosses can sometimes hit you for upwards of a 100 damage, so it is advisable to have at least like 130, 150 is max. In order to have that you’ll need 150 str and +25 hit point increase. Just get yourself up over 100 to start and then you can upgrade from there. Int can be low, just let it sit at whatever it is after you’ve managed you dex and str. You can put some int bonus and mana increase on your suit to compensate.

For your resists, you will need to try to get them up as high as possible, especially fire. You are going to be taking a huge hit to your fire resistance in vampire form. You’ll need a total of 95 to hit the 70 resist cap. Try to get physical up to 70 as well and then try to aim for all 70s. If you fall short on cold poison or energy that’s ok but fire and physical are important to have maxed. Of course that all depends on what you fight but, you’ll figure that out as you learn more about what monsters do what type of damage.

You will want to try to get 100% damage increase on your suit including your weapon. Get as much on your suit as possible and then make up for the rest on your weps. The less DI you have to put on your weps the more room youll have for other item props.

As for item properties, you’ll want to try to get some mana increase, lower mana cost and mana regen in there somewhere. You’ll also want to try to get the max amount of hit chance increase and defense chance increase. They are both capped at 45%. You’ll also want to try to get some hit point increase in there too. Make sure your resists are taken care of before this part. While some of it is still important, it won’t mean much if your resists are poorly managed.

That pretty much takes care of the basics in suit building for a sampire. Oh, and I forgot to mention. If you are elf, you’ll be able to get an additional 20 mana. I’m not sure what race you plan on being but I like to use an elf.

Now for some typical sampire armor pieces.
The Rune Beetle Carapace is the best chest piece out there and should be first on your list of things to get if you don’t have one already. If you cant find one right off the bat, then heart of the lion is your next best bet. This piece will give you some great resists and 15% defenses chance increase(DCI)
Ancient samurai helm offers great resists and 15% DCI
Fey leggings offer 20% DCI and some hit point increase
Quiver of infinity offers 5% DCI
Stormgrip will give you 25% DI on your hands, gloves of the pugilist have 20% DI and 8 dex bonus
As far as talismans you could try to get either the totem of the void for 10% lower mana cost (LMC) or the primer on arms damage removal for a 20% DI
I know crimson cincture is an expensive item but it will help you a lot as it offers a dex bonus of 5 and a hit point increase of 10
The list goes on, there are many pieces out there that could be worked into a suit but this will give you some items to keep your eye out for.
You will want to get your hands on some imubed jewels, if you don’t have an imbuer you can find one through general chat most of the time who may be willing to help you out. Shoot for dex bonus, DCI and HCI, DI and maybe enhance potions too. You can also make up for some fire resistance here too.
You arms and pants and neck can also be imbued pieces, try to get lower mana cost, mana increase, hit point increase and high resists

When it comes to high end gear, there are also many items available to build suits with. Here is just a quick list of what I have on my sampire. You can look up all the stats on them at uoguide.com.
Head- faction spirit of the totem
Neck- imbued woodland gorget
Chest- faction rune beetle carapace
Arms- imbued woodland arms
Hands- imbued woodland gauntlets
Legs- animated legs of the insane tinker
Ring and brace – imbued
Robe- conjurers garb
Cloak- rangers cloak of augmentation
Apron- faction crimson cincture
Earrings- earrings of protection, fire resist 2%
Boots- detective boots intelligence increase 4

Another great head piece which most sampire use in the mace and shield glasses.
I also carry some arcane boots incase I die and need to recast vamp form, scrolls get lost on your corpse sometimes.

Just to give you an idea of what a high end suit like this has for item properties I’ll just list a few of the ones that I mentioned that you should try to get onto your suit.
45% HCI
45% DCI
40% LMC
20% SSI
+25 hit point increase
65% DI
Resists are 70 70 70 69 75 (on an elf your energy resist cap is 75)
50% Enhance Potions
And after I eat a petal of the rose of trinsic and drink a greater str potion and greater agility pot my final stats are 150 hit point, 150 stam, 102 mana
Get into looking at what all these things do for you and read up on uoguide about the game mechanics. It will really help you figure out what to do with your suit. Experience in dealing with suit building will make it easier too, I’ve made many a suit.

As of right now, Chivalry spells effect and duration are mainly effected by your level of karma. The spells themselves have a minimum skill requirement in order to cast them, but once you reach that requirement, your karma will affect the actual effect and duration of each spell.
Enemy of One does not need to be casted all that regularly in combat, remember that while you’re doing +50% damage to that one monster type, your taking +100% damage from every other monster type. This spell should not be used during the battle with the mobs but instead when the boss has been summoned and you are fighting mostly or only that.
Divine Fury will give a small bonus to swing speed and hit chance and restore your stamina, but it comes at the cost of -25% defense chance. I don’t use this move for that reason, If you have stamina leech on your weapons then you should be alright as long as your hitting something. In a crunch you can use total refresh potions but only when you are wielding a 1 handed weapon.
Consecrate weapon will change your weapons damage output to the weakest resist of the monster you hit while the spell is in effect. In answer to your question, yes, if the weapon has multiple damage types, it will change to just the weakest resist of the animal. If you do have a weapon that has most or all of the damage type you’re looking for against a certain type of monster then you don’t need to cast consecrate weapon, you can save your mana for special moves and confidence.
In vamp form you have a resistance to low level poisons so cure isn’t needed there. If and when you get poisoned by something with very strong poison, your chivalry wont be high enough to cure it, you just need to keep hitting monsters because you can still leech through poison. Also in vamp form you cannot consume garlic based potions or cast garlic based spells. So you can’t drink greater cure pots either, you just have to wait it out.
In the heat of battle it is advised to keep whirlwind and consecrate up at all times and keep hitting enemies to get your hps, stam and mana back. Use remove curse only after you’ve cleared the field of a group of monsters, then go back for more. Trying to cast remove curse while getting beat on will lead to certain death, keep swinging.

Q5. Play tips
I’ve already touched on a few good play tips along the way where it pertains to a certain spell or the way you have your armor set up, but I’ll try to just give you some of my best practices while out sampiring it up.
• In mobs cast confidence before you go into a group of monsters, confidence allows you to regain hit points and stamina with each successful parry. With this and your leeches going you’ll be hard to kill. Just before they get to you and start bashing put up consecrate weapon, this will enable you to do the most damage possible to them and therefore leech more. And finally, whirlwind the crap out of em’.
• Your worst tactic is to run away and try to heal, staying there and leeching will get you far more hitpoints back than a confidence and heal potion. Especially if you have a 2 handed weapon and have to drop it to drink a pot. Leech leech leech!
• I used to carry extra vamp form scrolls with me in case I died and had to recast, but they get lost a lot, especially when the monsters you’re fighting loot your corpse. Try to find some arcane clothing, either boots, robe, gloves or whatever you can get your hands on.
• See if you can find a tamer to get you a swamp dragon, and then see if you can find some dragon barding deeds at vendors, if you can’t find them at vendors you may be able to find a blacksmith to make one for you, it ought to be pretty cheap. The dragons aren’t that hard to tame, it just takes a few minutes to get one tamed is all. If you look up swamp dragon at uoguide.com you can look at it in more depth, but riding one of these with a dragon barding deed on will lessen all direct damage that you take by up to 20%. This will greatly improve your chances of survival against mobs and bosses.
• When using your AI weapon against bigger monsters, you may find that they hit rather hard and it is hard to stay next to them for long without taking serious damage. In this case your tactic should be to joust them. Get your AI ready and run by, take a whack, keep going a little and then come back for more. If you get hit by the monster on a pass, you can go a little further, cast confidence for a quick heal and then head back. In extreme cases run and spam confidence and pound a greater heal pot.
• AI takes a lot of mana as is, and it doubles when you do them back to back. I would recommend that if you are able to stand next to a boss for a period of time that you AI then let a hit go off just normal, then AI again. Doing an AI every other shot will conserve mana and keep you doing more constant damage against your foe.
• I like to stack my petals and potions in 2 piles of each in the case that if you do die and a monster does loot your corpse, there’s a chance that some of your stuff might still be there.
• You may find that easier spawn is doable without any use of potions. In this case it is advisable to save them for the boss.

This ought to give you a solid baseline to go off of. You’ll learn more as you experience different things and develop your own play style as well. Just as a quick note on training, you did right by working necro up and training it on your mage. That’s probably easy cause you got lower reagent cost and mana regen through meditation and items and all that. Your weapon skill, tactics and anatomy will go up as you fight stuff. Maybe see if you can get a tinker to make you a golem, be sure not to kill it though. Read up on exactly how to use a golem at uoguide. *IMPORTANT* train parry up all the way before you start bushido. As you gain in both skills your chance to block with a shield becomes lower and your chance to block with a weapon gets higher. It is highly recommended to train parry all the way before bushido. For parry grab a bunch of crap shields and hire a few dogs from the tamer. Tell them to stay then release them and attack them right away. Then go back into peace mode right away so they’re hitting you and you’re not hitting them. this will work for a while, then when you get to about 115 or so youll have to switch to ogres. You may want to try stoning magery on to your sampire just for a bit to cast protection on him so that you can cast healing spells on yourself to keep you alive while the ogres beat on you for a while. It’s better not to hold a weapon at this point in the training. Make sure your using a disposable training suit for this as you’re going to take considerable damage to the durability of your pieces. After parry is finished you can work up your bushido last, follow the guide for training skills and uoguide.com.

Good luck and lemme know if you have more questions



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see also the thread on this forum named Sampire, that was originally started by Farsight. That should cover anything I missed. And if its more elite type suit building your after I'd be glad to let you see what mine looks like. Just lemme know...


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Hello, Do you have a suggestion for a good pvp template I suck at making suits but I try my best its actually more so of my skills doing I want to make a field pvper that I can actually do good against mages and necros etc like I keep getting energy field and ganked and so I would ilke a template suggestion for that IF possible =) and good morning :cool



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Hello, Do you have a suggestion for a good pvp template I suck at making suits but I try my best its actually more so of my skills doing I want to make a field pvper that I can actually do good against mages and necros etc like I keep getting energy field and ganked and so I would ilke a template suggestion for that IF possible =) and good morning :cool

It would probably go a lot better/smoother if you have some sort of starting out point for a template of your own.
Most times, it seems, and maybe not in your case but Im just saying generally, when this question is asked in this manner, the requester seems to want some gimp "winner" template and gets all huffy when they cant seem to "win" uo pvp.
Make a suggestion on a template, let us critique it with you!
Being new doesnt mean diddly either, you may come up with a very nice template cause you havent been polluted yet.

You will smoke some templates, others your going to have a problem with, its just that way, there is no god mode pvp template anymore.

You getting fielded means you aint got 120 magic resist, nor do you have a trapped pouch, btw. And smoke bombs may be your best bet against the gank, however 2 or 3 or more experienced pvpers against one will result in the gank. Thats just UO life in the pvp world!!