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RMT Links Removed

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FYI: With some clarifications and some updates about RMT for Ultima Online in the works... some links & the Market submenu have been removed from the UltimaXbar. No other GameXbars have ever included RMT links as other games had more clearly defined policies.
Actually the last of the RMT links in the UltimaXbar were removed back on July 7th, but it wasn't mentioned at the time what was removed. And decided today, given the recent discussions in the community, that it should have been noted.


Just to add on here, UltimaXbar (and the other GameXbar apps individually) has always striven to adhere to the ROC & TOS, and guidelines set forth from the development teams through the community managers. When RMT was acceptable, RMT was included. When eBay was deemed inappropriate, eBay links were removed. When the UO team communicated what was appropriate and not appropriate... those changes have always been addressed.


Since the termination of dedicated community managers for Ultima Online, GameXbar has received zero communications from BioWare Mythic... despite repeated requests on various issues. There has always been a good relationship with the team previously, just a non-existent one now... despite attempts to reach out.


UltimaXbar (like all GameXbar apps) will continue to serve the UO community, and adhere to the ROC/TOS & community guidelines... as it has since 2005.


If anyone has any questions, I will try to answer them as best I can. Thanks...

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