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Advice dealing with EA Customer Support

- - - - - advice customer dealing ea support

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I have been trying to get a question answered at EA customer support. I get an answer that doesn't pertain and/or doesn't fully answer my question.

I've resubmitted my question in different forms, letting them know they didn't answer it before, and yet I still get the same answer.
This last time I asked for someone to give me an original answer, not the cut-and-paste, yet they did it again.

One time they didn't even answer my question, yet they marked it resolved.

I am beyond frustrated. I cannot seem to get a real answer or real help.

Any suggestions on what I can do to be "heard" by them? Is there a telephone number where you can speak to somene? I realize there is a number in my manual for tech support, but I don't think my question would be technical.

Or maybe one of you knows the answer. I posted in a different thread, but that was more about account age issues.

Basically, I DON'T have a problem with my account age. My paper doll says 94 months. That's fine with me.

But I haven't gotten the latest vet reward gump or any rewards at all. I don't know if I've been hacked or what.

So my question has been - why haven't I gotten the gump? And do others who don't have account age issues have the same problem?

Everytime I ask EA Customer Support I get an answer that says I have to have played for a year to qualify for rewards and then goes on to describe how to calculate account age.

Thanks for any help. I didn't know who else to ask.

I wish I had some advice for you, cause I'm sort of having the same problem. I sent an inquiry and gave them a little background on my problem. Then made my question as clear as possible. In their response they proceeded to make some comments about what I said in the background, completely ignoring my actual question. I've yet to reply and try to clarify myself further.


Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator

Bjay, do you have a ticket number? or several? PM them to me and I'll see what the confusion is.


Twice in the last month, I've had to call Customer Service. The first time the person I talked to was semi-helpful. The second time I called (for a different issue), the person I talked to couldn't do enough to try and help me. He was terrific, so good I remember his name was Fred. The number I called was, 1-866-543-5435. Give that a try. Good luck!

*Edit - now that I see a new post*

And if you can get Jeremy on it, you'll be in great shape!


Not sure if this will help or if it has anything to do with your situation but if you use UOAssist ... check to see if the Auto cancel veteran rewards box is checked off. If it is, then uncheck the box. It is located on the Common tab when you bring up the UOAssist box.

We had one of our accounts with the Auto cancel veteran rewards box with a checkmark so we unchecked it. Then we logged completely out of the game and the next day (after server up) we logged back into the account and YAY!, the account gump came up and told us we had vet rewards available.


Thanks for the information Queen Mum. I haven't ever used UO Assist. The only extra program I've used with UO is UoAutoMap.

Jeremy, I sent you the ticket numbers. Thanks so much for offering to help.


Bjay, I think I see the problem - the rewards are given out individually as each account reaches the next year milestone. The reason that there's always a fuss in August is because the very oldest accounts hit the new set of rewards around then, but not everyone gets their next rewards then. If you're at 94 months, then two months from now (approximately) you'll get your next reward options and the gump should pop up. Does that help answer your question?


THANK YOU SO MUCH JEREMY!!! Yes, that is the answer I needed.

You are awesome.


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