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What is the UltimaXbar?

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The UltimaXbar is an add-on application for your web browser. Much like the popular Google and Yahoo! toolbars, but unlike those the UltimaXbar is designed specifically for you... the members of the UO community. But as Cogniac, SysOp on UOGuide.com, UO Stratics UO U.Hall'er regular, and rumored UO God put it... "what is actually in the UO Toolbar" (now known as the UltimaXbar)?

Here is a list of features:


  • A grouping menu that allows you to dynamically switch between the various other GameXbars (DAoCXbar, EVEXbar, WARXbar, WoWXbar, etc.) with only the single install of the app and not taking up anymore of your web browser.
  • A logo menu featuring UltimaXbar, GameXbar, and miscellanous app links; and preferences & settings.
  • A customized Bing-powered (Google outside of North America), UO-specific searches for key UO related databases & informational sites in the Ultima Online community.
  • A search highlighter to highlight your keywords in your search results.
  • A built-in spell checker works with in-line web forms... such as forum, sites, etc. Where you're typing on the web.
  • A UO menu replicating the UO Herald site and it's menus & pages for direct access for what you're looking for... much faster than going to the site and looking for the right page. Such as key links to Ultima Online, BioWare & Electronic Arts pages on those sites... game expansions; character & guild searches; client downloads; support; and lots more.
  • A Community menu featuring links to the largest & most popular blogs (such as Lord Raven of Minoc and others); Facebook pages & profiles; forums; guilds; miscellaneous (a grab bag of various UO related sites); news; player establishments & towns; Twitter links and YouTube channels.
  • The GameXbar Media Player, an enhanced menu of broadcast, gaming Internet radio and video channel links & streams... featuring Jack-FM, GameCon Radio, GameXbar TV, G4's The MMO Report, The World Famous KROQ, UO Insider Podcast, of course Whispering Rose Radio, and much, much more.
  • A built-in RSS News reader with news feeds from many of the busiest news sites in the UO community (such as UO Herald, UO Japan, UO Forums, UOGuide, UO Stratics, and lots of others); several of the biggest game/PC performance sites ( such as ExtremeTech & Tom's Hardware); and several of the best "Daily Deal" feeds from the Internet's top online stores (Buy.com, NewEgg.com, ThinkGeek.com and TigerDirect.com).
  • A Safety menu full of links to anti malware/root-kit/spy-ware; anti phishing; anti virus scanning; browser alternatives; email alternatives; firewall/intrusion protection; Internet security suites; miscellaneous security tools; online security testing; password managers; PC support services; recovery; system tools; WiFi protection; and Windows Update... applications, tools and utilities to help protect your PC & UO client.
  • A Tools menu with links to calculators; character building; IM/VoIP communications; databases & wikis; drivers; gaming hardware; graphics & art; Internet service providers; mapping; miscellaneous; performance & modding; speech & control, shopping... sites, apps & tools to enhance your UO playing experience.
  • A Facebook app for easy access for those FB users.
  • A Twitter reader so you can check out the latest UO related tweets anywhere you're browsing, and click to go those tweets that interest you.
  • Optional features include an email notifier, a pop-up blocker & privacy cleaner, a weather forecaster... and the ability to add additional Conduit based browser apps.

Ready to enhance your UO experience? Click on over to the Download Selections page to get your UltimaXbar today!

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Thanks! Yup, after installing... you have to close & restart the browser, or refresh the page depending on the browser.


You may find a few broken links, sites come and go. I try to check them every couple of months, although anytime a user lets me know... I can have it added, deleted or edited much sooner. The UO Herald site and playguide is a whole other issue... someone at BM needs to finish working on it, it's been a very long time since they've done any work on it (I check regularly).

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