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Super cows and Uber cows.....

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I remember Origins, and Test Sosaria, but I only played the shard intensively when Abyss was active- and it was supposedly going to remain permanent.... a little blast from the past I pulled from a guild archive- we'd kept records of some of the patch notes.


March 4, 1999





  • Necromancy will begin to go in with an initial set of spells.
  • Alchemy will receive an overhaul that adds new potion types.
  • Fishing will be greatly expanded to include new things to catch, and the ability to recover sunken treasure.
  • New items will go into carpentry, including beds, ballotboxes, and dartboards.
  • New items will be added to tinkering, including jewelry--and a "newbiefied" wedding ring.
  • Guild wars will no longer be allowed in towns.
  • Order/chaos warfare will be revamped.
  • Additional controls will be put on the reputation system which we anticipate will catch a great deal of the "blue PKs" and make them into red murderers.
  • Players will have the option to declare themselves to be "evil." Expect more details on this system once it is on the Test Center.
  • Optimizations will go in so that you do not receive the contents of houses until you set foot in them. This should greatly improve your connection's performance around houses.
  • Increased measures will be going in to reduce the "blue PKs" problem.
  • The Abyss shard will become permanent, with numerous enhancements.
  • It will be possible to set the client to use an 800x600 game area.
  • It will be possible to declare public buildings to be guard zones.
  • Interior lockable doors will exist.

You never know where some of that stuff ended up, or if its coolness will be recaptured and added back in. Greater chickens, chicken generals, and uber cows were some of my personal favorites, but I had family that played frequently in those days.

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