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Hey everyone,
i havent played UO since 2001, and even at 2001 i played just for 1 month..
played for real from end of 97 till Trammel/Felucia thing came..

i wanna try to play UO again and need your help!

My current char i found on my acc has :
100 swords
100 tactics
100 magery
100 resist
100 eval
100 medi
100 wrestling


for sure such template is not good at all now:(

so please tell me what can i make from it ?
I am looking for solo/duo playstyle Mage PVP hero




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I'm also a returning player, so I'm not particularly qualified to answer. However, I also don't want you to wait forever.

With the addition of mage and spell channeling weapons, you don't necessarily need wrestling for defense. That said, all melee skills have access to weapons that can disarm (which I imagine will make you cry).

From what I've seen, on mages you usually have:
120 magery
120 eval
120 med
120 resist

Then you pick 2 of the following skills:
120? Poisoning (this gives you a chance at casting 5th level poison)
100 Inscription (this gives you 10% more spell damage)
120 Wrestling (this gives you disarm and paralyzing blow)
120? Spellweaving
100 Anatomy (this gives you defensive wrestling for 20 less skill points)
120? parry

necromancy and spirit speak
mysticism and (focus or imbuing)

I don't have a clue which option is best.

I don't know if swords and tactics would still work, but I would guess that you'd have trouble finding the gear required to do both effectively.

Another thing to note is that the last patch seems to have given poisoning a huge buff, and added 15% more damage to casters who only have one "main skill." The main skills are: Magery, Necromancy, Mysticism, Ninjitsu, Bushido, Animal Taming, Musicianship, Chivary, Spellweaving.

Personally, I'm building inscribe/wrestling. I'll tell you how it works once I've acquired the gear/scrolls needed to not get roflstomped.

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Lord Target

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Scribe also adds spell focus [chance to not be interrupted when hit] and does not detract from the focused mage 30% PvP SDI cap, in fact, it adds 12% to it- making it 42% after the 30% in items is added in.

However, you will need to focus in a specific school of spellcasting to keep that 30% cap.

I encourage you to check out this post and see if you can brainstorm some innovative ideas for your template.

Those are the publish 71.0 changes; many of them changed some significant items.





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SpellWeaving adds very powerful spells such as gift of renewal. i have seen some 1v1's where one of the mages had gift of renewal and his health would never go lower then half before becomming full again. to make a pvp-er, read ALOT, see everything that everyone has to say, im still building my pvp mage, its using 120 wrestle parry mage med eval and 100 inscription, but im still looking for different things to modify it.

people always have ways to see things that you havent, so make sure you check them out!




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Anyone have an opinion on this template? I need to drop Swords and Ninjitsu, but can keep most everything else, and was curious how this might work.


120 Evaluating Intelligence
120 Magery
120 Resisting Spells
120 Inscription
120 Meditation
120 Spellweaving