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I am an experienced mage.

- Pvp


-Em events




I have been playing ultima on and off for about 13 years. Have ventrilo/ts3. I know more about this game than the developers. I am so good at playing a mage that the things I do are often times mistaken for bugs, hacks, and/or exploits. I have severe template ADD and feel that being stylish when you fight is more important than losing a mod.


Things you should think about before messaging me.


* I do not troll people outside the game, or make personal attacks in the game.

*Yeah, I look good.

*I do not scam, cheat, steal, or exploit.

*If you don't have voice communication or the plan to get it, dont bother.

*I enjoy small to medium groups with people who are fun, I do not care about skill levels.


* If you enjoy making other people angry, or taking any part of pvp or smacktalk beyond the game into personal attacks or trolling, dont bother, I am not interested in you.


*Don't bring drama my way.


* If you want to cheat, to each his own. Don't try to push that !!!! on me.

* I don't associate with scammers or exploiters.



--- Message me if you have any questions or want to get me in vent :)

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