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Grand Tournament (7:30pm, Sunday July 10th, Yew)

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Grand Tournament




Attention all fighters of the world! On Sunday, July the 10th, a tournament shall be held in Yew for you to prove your mettle. Dreamt of taking a tournament title all your life? Want to impress a lady (or a gent!)? Perhaps it’s the prize that tempts you?


Regardless of your motives, be there on Sunday July 10th. Registration opens at 7:30pm and closes at 7:59pm. Shortly afterwards the tournament shall begin! Registration will be held at Stonekeep and at 8pm we shall wonder up to the tournament field.


There will be three parts to the tournament, a joust, archery and a melee.



Each contestant is paired off against another and will attempt to knock each other off their mounts. Best of three jousts wins and advances to the next round. Final is best of five.


Entry Fee: 20 Silver OR 20,000 gold crowns


Prize Fund: 70% of total pot to winner, 30% to second place


Lances and armour will be provided. Please bring your own strength potions if you’re too weak to hold a lance!



Each contestant is paired off against another, top score after 5 arrows advances to the next round.


Entry Fee: 20 Silver OR 20,000 gold crowns


Prize Fund: 70% of total pot to winner, 30% to second place





All contestants are mounted to begin with in a bloody free for all combat. Any and all MELEE weapons are permitted, teams may be formed on the field of battle though pre-forming teams is forbidden (OOC: While I don’t actually stop you doing this, try to avoid it please!). If you’re dismounted you may attempt to remount but not that the killing of mounts IS permissible - though take note - this may be frowned upon by spectators and other contestants alike.


Entry Fee: 20 Silver OR 20,000 gold crowns


Prize Fund: 70% of total pot to winner, 30% to second place


Mounts, armour and weapons to be supplied by contestants. Note for guardsmen (of any variety) you do not have to wear your uniform for this contest. If you have access to a full suit of plate mail feel free to wear it. Same with weapons. You are not restricted to your normal weapon selection or metal type. If you can get access to better equipment, it may be worn in the melee. OOC: ROE restrictions on banned skills and weapons remain in place.


Additional Prizes

There may be an additional prize of silver added to each of the three contests for first and second place which will not be linked to the total numbers of contestants. I need to speak with Yewish financers to determine this however. Stay tuned for more updates!


OOC: Any and all are welcome, though clearly it's a warrior oriented event! If you're a known criminal, or a race that doesn't get on with others who are likely to be there, you're still welcome to attend and enter, though do so in a suitable disguise - not that that should be hard in an event like this though! :) No one is going to ask you to remove your helm for example at a jousting event!

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