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Crypt Cup Bag Ball challenge! (Monday 4th)

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Hear ye Hear ye! The Crypt Cup Bag Ball Challenge has been announced for the coming Monday, all are welcome to partake in the Venerable Sieger Rules bag ball challenge!




Stonekeep, Yew


Normal bag ball, all well and good, but no contact you say?! Where is the fun in that?! So same rules as normal bag ball, but with a bit of fisty cuffs as well! Equipment will be provided. All are welcome, other then filthy guardian spawn! And strictly no wytchery! Or it will turn into the Crypt Challenge cup with added Wytch Burning event!


The more that come the better the competition! Will also, if we have time have an extra event tagged on the end!

(OOC) People from every guild are welcome, but since Olaf is organising this, and is fairly old school in his views, sorry, no pointy eared freaks of nature! Well they can turn up along with Orcs and undead.. but then it will just be a fight rather then a bag ball game!

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