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An Official UO Forum: Would you support it?

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Okay I'm trying to collect data to see how much of the UO population would in fact support a Official UO forum. That is a forum accessed from the UO Herald page and tied in with your UO account(s).


The Pros:


1) Only active, paying UO players could access it. Basically if you quit and terminate your account you cannot access the official forum.


2) More contact with the Development team since it is UO's forum and not a

3rd party site.


3) No freaking Ads!!! (Sorry Stratics :( )


4) The UO Community would not be spread across 3 message boards


The Cons:


1) If you get in trouble/suspended/banned on the official forum it affects your UO account(s)


2) If you get in trouble/suspended/banned in UO you could not access the offical forum.


3) It would in all likelyhood take resources away from UO.

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Good Luck,


I would like offical forums too. UO is just about the only MMO that I have played that does not have it own forum.


It is not going to happen, but you can try anyways!


There used to be forums run by EA (whatever name they go by). They do not want the cost of maintaining and monitoring the forum. So we are stuck the the unofficial official forum.

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Truly I don't really care either way, I am happy as things are now.. at least when I deactivate my account for a while I can still meddle in other player's affairs as it is..dhehe


Although I can see where you're coming from, it would be good if Devs, or EA spokesfolk would just create and stick to one forum for their informational bulletins.

Not that it would matter very much, for instance server shutdowns are usually only reported just 45 minutes before it is done anyway, might as well give no heads up.

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I am somewhat indifferent. While linking it to accounts is a bad idea, (thats how many accounts got hacked in L2 for instance, because they were linked) its certainly better than what they use now. I am not really sure I'd trust EA with my account info on a web page...sorry.


People would still be using other forums too, so doesn't really cut down on that, nor would there be any need to.


If nothing else as a middle road they could use UOForums as their official forum. The name makes sense UO wise, it doesn't have ads and its well supported.

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There'd be no point in having uof as an official forum, because no fansite should be an official forum for a major game.


Nor would there be any point in EA switching from one fansite, to another.


Plus, if they made this the official forum, we'd get all the trolling trash from UHall over here :P

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I should've worded my reply better, heh.


EA shouldn't be using any fansite for it's official forum, especially one laden with loads of competitor adverts.


They shouldn't be posting any official news on said fansite and completely neglecting the official game page either, but that's another topic entirely.


As for people coming here from UHall, it's unlikely it'd be restricted solely to UO Heated discussion, there's trolls galore on that site, spread across most of the forums, it's mostly Uhall which has the highest concentration though. (imo).


I certainly wouldn't want this place having the "official" tag added to it, especially given how EA doesn't even offer a single dollar or cent, to help with the extra traffic.

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I think these guys have done a great job with These forums - but I still vote Yes, for a number of reasons (not that they would go for it)


Firstly, a New player (yes there still are such creatures) would have no doubt where to go for help.


But more to the point, it would Generate more new players.


When I consider a game to try, one of the first things I do is check the forums. I want to know what kind of players there are, if the Game-staff responds at all to them, and what the complaints are.

If I had to go to a 3rd party forums, it would immediately lead me to think either the game producer is a Cheapskate, or simply doesn't Care about player-input.


UO's graphics are a hard sell as it is. (We all love them, but we already did) Making it difficult for a Potential player to find basic game info only makes it Less likely they'll try it, free or otherwise.

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i would support an official UO forums as well. that is not to take anything away from the fansites, i think they have done a wonderful job -- but an official forum is simply the right thing to have for any game.


at this point in UO's lifespan, i really don't expect EA to make an official forum.. for all the reasons everyone has already stated.. they are happy with doing nothing and letting uo.com decay.. happy with the status quo... UO is just not a priority for them


in other words, unless something drastic happens, i wouldn't expect anything to change.. drastic meaning either UO suddenly gets popular again and the player subscription base surges.... *OR*... UO2!!

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Got a 3 day pass for something that was lame when uo had "official" forums, and the community manager (forgot her name, prolly related to my age) agreed with my next day email and wiped it, but still, I have no trust in that anymore.

Id agree to regularly inhabit the "heated" discussion area if it was not account linked, otherwise, Id find another forum.

Just too much option for the "other" side to do/say whatever and Im to be scolded for same. Sorta why i banned myself from stratics before those mommies did it for me.

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