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OOC: The Vesperian Summer Games: What times would suit you best

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The Vesperian Summer Games will be a four days event.

First of all I want to know what event scheme would suit you best.


Since the weekends are pretty lazy the events should be hosted throughout the workdays.


I know many of you are busy with reallife and other stuff so please let me know if you prefer to have it hosted in one week or spread out as a weekly event.

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I think your best bet is to spread it out over a few weeks with an event a night.


I don't think we have the activity or the size of community to get numbers, reliably, every night for a week solid. If you give people notice, however, getting them there once a week should be far more simple.


It's also less interruption to other guilds and you aren't relying on everyone to be able to just put down whatever events or plots they're running for an entire solid week.


PS: Bag ball is a must!

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Even though I am pretty much usually only online between 18:30 and 19:30 (GMT), I doubt I can have much of a say in such things, but if it is hosted over a few weeks with 1 or 2 days each week, I am sure I can accomodate time to be a spectator.

If it is planned as such, I have no dealings with times as I can then reserve myself the whole evenings.

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Running over a weekend and then also either side of it, might open the window for those people that wouldnt otherwise be avaliable to make it because of working weekdays and/or weekends..


Though I think generally if people really want to attend an event.. they will change their plans..

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