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Bard T-Hunters still viable?

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3 replies to this topic



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From the moment they added treasure maps, I had a T-Hunter.. but now that I'm back, I find myself for the first time.. without one.

My last T-Hunter had no trouble soloing the maps (tho I prefer to do them as a group or team, sometimes you're on your own)

120 Music
120 Peace
120 Provoke
100 Cartography
100 Lockpicking
100 Magery
60 Meditation

Level 6s were slow, sooner or later I'd end up with a pair of Very difficult-to-bard mobs, and always having to finish the last off with EVs or Earth Elementals...

But now I see there are level 7s.. and new skills, a new Race... So many factors.

Is this still a valid template, considering sooner or later I will have to solo some of them?



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Bard T-Hunter is my best template. It matches yours exactly and has no trouble with Level 6s. You might find that Ter Mur Level 6s are substantially easier than other facet 6s. You could also swap peace for discord for those darn GDrags.

No idea on Level 7s. Publish notes indicate that they were specifically designed to be un-soloable...though players seem to break those barriers in other areas just fine.




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Great to know! :) thanks

I'm not thrilled about training provoke .. again... but It will be nice to get back into digging them up.



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I have used a provocation t-hunter for a long time, but have switched from barding to mysticism a while ago. I always had some problems with finishing off the last ancient wyrm (leading them off is not an option anymore. you have to kill all guardians before you can open the chest). With Mysticism you just cast a rising colossus and he does the work for you. Less exciting but faster.

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