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Newish, old player needing a group to hang with

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Im a long time player (off and on being in the military) and I just started getting back into UO. Got some pretty good chars, GM Blacksmith, carp, tink, alch, being a few. Tired of wandering around encountering monsters/quests i cant kill alone. would be nice to have some friends :)

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Thanks for the offer, but that costs some cash :( Ill look you up if I make some chars on that shard.


I don't play on Pacific, but if you are up for xfer'ing, come to Catskills and I'll hook you up with lots of friends to play with. :)
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Cool, thanks. Ill look you up next time Im online


I'm on Pacific. Let me know who your characters are and we can catch up in-game. I'm usually in the Help Channel of Global chat. Just ask for Sable as I have many characters and so it would take way too long to list them here. =)
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