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PvM Stealing Advice

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120 - Stealing (base 100 - Ferret form +10 with burglar's bandana)
110 - Stealth (base 90 - +10 with Bandana, +10 with cloak of silence)
100 - Anatomy
100 - Healing
100 - Hiding
100 - Lockpicking (Old school treasure hunter)
70 - Ninjitsu (for Ferret form & Shadow Jump)
60 - Magery

That's 720 skill points
I just use magery to recall... so I'm thinking of lowering it (Magery) - putting more into Ninjitu? Or what are thoughts on lowering Hiding? (again, this is a PvM char to just steal stuff, not off players)
I could stone Lockpicking, but... rather not - I can teleconsis locked boxes (and never do above a lvl 3 TM)




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what do you need stealing for?



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Doom Stealables - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
Monster Stealables - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia
Category:Artifacts (Stealable) - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia



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I would consider stoning off Lockpicking - there's nothing really interesting in dungeon boxes, or is there?
You could also try to work peacemaking in the template. I would assume that it makes stealing from monsters a lot easier.

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I'd definitely keep Ninjitsu since it is so much fun to wander around in animal form. I dont understand why you have Healing and Anatomy. If you only use them to heal yourself, why dont you try Mysticism?

The template below might not be the best but I'd probably do something like this for PvM Thief/T Hunter:

Stealing 120
Hiding 100
Stealth 120
Lockpicking 100
Ninjitsu 70
Mysticism 120
Focus 120
Magery 60

(Cartography Stoned to decode Maps)

Total: 810 (+90 from items with Skill Bonus)

pros: capable of soloing Level 7 Maps (and most of the powerful mobs) using Rising Colossus
cons: can not cast spells in animal form which is (casting) its only offensive ability, relies on Cleansing Winds for healing, mana regeneration depends on items, best employed with a gargoyle characters since Rising Colossus needs 5 control slots and gargoyles can fly to move at mounted speeds, doesn't have much chance in pvp

Special Items:
Mana Phasing Orb : Lower Reagent Cost 10%, Lower Mana Cost 6%
Burglar's Bandana : +10 Snooping +10 Stealth +10 Stealing
Shadow Dancer Leggings : +20 Stealing +20 Stealth
Jewelry : +30 in any of the above skills
(or Crystalline Ring (+20 Focus and Magery) if you can find one)

Other Equipment:
Tunic, Gloves, Sleeves, Gorget and Jewelry (6 pieces) with 90% Lower Reagent Cost Total, 30% Lower Mana Cost and some Mana Regeneration.

I used a very similar template in TC1 to test the Treasure Map changes but couldn't test this template in production shards. I'm sure it can be further improved (not for only pvm but also to make it a more fun template, maybe even adding some snooping) and I'm also sure other users will tell in which ways it can be improved.

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