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Scammer = Godsrage

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A couple years ago, via TradeSpot, I traded a UO acct for a WoW acct. There wasn't any problem until last month. I noticed a member of this fourm (Godsrage) sold the UO acct on UOForums in March. I noticed his forum login name, his WoW name and the UO acct character list when he posted on UOForums.


Then in May, he had WoW's admin company, Blizzard, give him back access to the WoW acct. He did this without contacting me. I had been playing, upgrading and paying for the subscription for 2 yrs. Mythic doesn't allow transfer of accounts, so the deal was made on his word & my word.


I called Blizzard and they said "Sean Anderson" (aka Godsrage) reclaimed his account. Because his name was originally on the account, and even though billing & the account info had been in my name for 2 yrs, he was able to take it. So he had the UO account, sold it, then took the WoW account too.


If he had wanted the WoW account back so badly he could have contacted me and made me an offer. That would have been the honorable thing to do. Yet even after talking to my guildmate friend (a guild officer) in WoW, he did not bother to ask how to contact me. My guildmate is how I found out what he had done. He even had the nerve (?) to ask to stay in my guild in WoW.


Last week, I sent him messages via several methods, through UOForum PM, his email address, ICQ, etc asking him to resolve this with me. In case he was out-of-town, I gave him until after the holiday weekend to contact me. No response from him. So, he scammed me. I post this to warn anyone else dealing with this person. Do not trust him.


Here's some info I have on him:


Name: Sean Anderson

AKA: Godsrage and/or Phoenix

Email: Godsrage@msn.com

ICQ: 556-270-898

Mother's maiden name: Buchanan

He lives either in Florida or Phoenix


Link to Godsrage sell of the UO Account:


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sorry to hear that...


from your story i would say he intended to scam you right from the beginning...


that guy is just an a__hole, and unfortunately there are plenty of them around


the company is also an a__hole, arguably a bigger a__hole. they know you are the owner of the account for the last 2 years since it was your credit card that was paying for it -- yet they choose to piss on your face and give it back to the scammer. clearly there is something wrong with this... to me, they are accomplices to the scam since they are deliberately helping to screw you.

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Just to point out, Blizzard's TOS doesn't allow transfer of account ownership. So in their eyes he was the owner all along, regardless of who was making the account payments.


Still, its a douchy thing to do.

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oh, no doubt. Blizzard acted by the book. So legally they are enforcing their TOS.


what i don't like is their sh_tty TOS. i mean, c'mon, ffs, stop being so greedy and allow account ownership to change... sure their argument would be that they'd lose the business that would be the time taken for the buyer to level up from scratch to equal the bought account.


but ffs, the seller wants to quit the game. and having someone take over the subscription keeps the account paying.


also, many players would NOT want to start from scratch, so they'd never get this business at all if they couldn't buy a mature account.



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special note for you guys who get accounts reclaimed.

you can get them BANNED!

when you trade accounts, make sure the person you trade with sends you a copy of their photo ID.


when this happens, blizzard asks both parties to submit ID verification.


if you have all the info (SQA, original email access, etc.) and an ID copy and both parties send in all the info correctly, blizzard assumes the account was bought/sold, and it gets banned. ive successfully done this 3 or 4 times over the past five years to scammers. you don't get your stuff back, but they get banned, so its worth it =D

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