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The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance: Blood Renaissance

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The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance: Blood Renaissance



We have opened our doors.


The Baja Roleplaying and Event Alliance [bRPA / BRC] is open to those thespians and writers wishing to engage our world on a deeper and more intellectual level. Those who wish to immerse themselves in all that is Britannia.


We are a unique shard. One that values intellegent and mature interaction. We seldom see our characters in Black and White, but in evolving shades of Grey. We adhere to fiction that is based less in Dungeons and Dragons or Tolkien, and more in fiction established by 30 Years of Ultima. Ours is a world, based less in some idealistic, sanitized vision of Medieval Europe, and more in real world struggles of Man, a universal character that has faced tribulation a thousand times over.


Britannia is a Crucible. Wars. Famine. Death. The Struggle is the Life. One can face it, or roll over and die. Conflict creates Good Fiction. Without Conflict - Wars - we have no Monomyth. No Heros Journey.


In the coming months, our shard will be changing. It shall be experiencing its own dark, blood soaked Renaissance. Magincia will rise from the ashes, memories of the Britannians looting and pillaging their Isle still fresh in their minds. Pirates are roaming the Great Sea, and it shall not be long before the Sea Witch and the Chimera turn their cannons against Britain. And a new Evil is rising on Fire Island, a structure set amongst the volcanic rock. Echoes across the Void summon the Damned to its steps, demanding their submission. Their worship.


Those who wish to learn more about the BRPA - or RP in General - are more than welcome to contact me personally.



Founder of the Baja RP Alliance

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