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Justin Beeeeeby...that and grabbing his crotch like he's got something itching him. yeh Justin BABY I can't stand that kid nor his music.


Stupid plastic bags at the grocery stores, where they feel they must slap

heavy stuff in one bag, and then myriads of light stuff, in double plastic bags.

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Driving down the street A car comes from a side street Stupid - cut me off!

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Is it possible for the abused to NOT grow up to be an abuser themself? In my experience, those types of people have the chances of not changing a cycle. Their Modus Operandi might change from the original abuse.


In other words, the power they'll have on their enablers would be to take advantage of sympathy and overstep healthy friendship boundaries to get the enabler to take care of them long-term without the person giving a damn for anyone but their own feelings.


And if they are refused service, they act all "OH! Help! I'm being oppressed!"

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