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Hunt Nite Plans for Friday 3/31

- - - - - 3 or 31 friday hunt nite plans

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Anne Nomilly

Anne Nomilly

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Our adventures this week will lead us into yet another deadly region! The Palace of Paroxymus. [grin] There is no quest required to enter this area but you do have to have Mondain's Legacy upgrade. You will need an acid proof rope to gain entrance. I have a carpenter capable of making the ropes so I will bring along a supply for us.

Some items of special note with Paroxymus. First and MOST important NO pets, mounts or summons. For fighting inside the dungeon, it's fine. However, when facing the Fat Man himself, even a lowly horse will heal him to full health and he LOVES to eat pets. Same goes for all summons (EVs, Nature's Fury, Elementals, etc.). Just ONE can mean the undoing of MUCH work. A redlined Paroxymus can heal himself to 100% off one horse. If you want to take a pet into the dungeon, you can park it at the cauldron area before going to face Paroxymus himself.

Second, if you want to fight Paroxymus, you MUST be at the cauldron area. Instead of working like most "keys" where you teleport the entire party, you instead receive annointment which you "rub" on your body and this allows you to cross the river. There is a gate that you must open and only one person at the time can enter. Each person has to open the gate and go in.

I took the liberty of mocking up the map from Stratics a bit.

Posted Image

The red line is the path thru the dungeon to the cauldron area. There is no need to go across the poison spikes and thru the demon/arcane demon room. You can instead run along the river by the rock wall. It's a bit of a squeeze and you will take a little damage but not nearly as much as the spikes, demons, etc. would do to you! LOL

You will notice the exit for the dungeon is back up by the entrance. There are only three ways OUT of the Palace, up the stairs near the entrance (the red X), up the stairs after Paroxymus is defeated, or Help/Stuck.

In order to get the ointment which will allow you to face Paroxymus, we will need to gather some items from inside the dungeon. We will need a skull, torso, and legs from the corrosive slimes (these have timers on them) as well as the spleen of the putrifier which is found on a big green demon on crack named Putrefier (the green P on the map).

Paroxymus does a very nasty area poison thing in addition to teleporting in order to smack you around. If you are taking your mage in, get up the Arch Cure spell. You'll need it. Paroxymus' resists are as follows:

Phys 75%
Fire 41%
Cold 59%
Pois 64%
Eneg 55%

There's more really good information over here if you want to take a look http://www.uostuff.c...aceOfParoxysmus

We'll meet up at Yew Gate Trammel around 8:00 p.m. Eastern and head in as close to 8:30 as possible. Hope to see you all there!

Posted Image

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