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Mystic Warrior (PvM)

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    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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The topic keeps coming up, so I thought I'd share my mystic/warrior template and a few notes on tactics.

1. The template:
120 fencing
120 mysticism
120 focus
100 tactics
100 healing
100 anatomy
60 chivalry

Str: 100
Dex: 90
Int: 65
2. The suit
Oh, any old thing will do so long as you have DCI at 45, LMC at 40 and all-70's resists. Use your imagination. Extra mods are good for hit point increase, stamina increase and mana increase. Mana regeneration can never go wrong either.

3. The tactics
I know what you're probably thinking. At 90 dex, how can you expect to do well healing with bandages? The answer is this: Never Hunt Alone. Through cross healing, you heal in 3 seconds instead of 6, which makes all the difference in the world. If you aren't worried about casting Rising colossus or chaining armor ignores, then you could increase dexterity for faster swings/bandages. I think that I do well enough as-is.

Use Stone Form when engaging an enemy. You get a +5 max to all of your resists and are immune to poisons and some curses. This means that you take less damage and you are always healing damage instead of bleed/poison.

Use slayer weapons and armor ignore. With AI, you never have to worry about the highest resist of your enemy, and slayer + enemy of one gets you very close to the damage increase cap.

Use that rising colossus. They may get dispelled some, but they do a lot of damage before they do most of the time.

Don't forget healing stone, feint, cleansing wind, etc. The mystic and melee combination has a lot of alternatives for healing/damage reduction... exploring your options helps you figure out what works best for you.

Always have max mana leech and stamina leech on your weapons. The other mods are up to you (I use SSI, Slayer type and DI)

Extra points:
No bushido? With slayer weapons, armor ignore and enemy of one, you get close enough to the damage cap that bushido doesn't help enough to make it worth 120 skill points in my eyes. For this template (and only this template), I thought losing bushido was the best option. So far I don't regret it.

No parry? Parry doesn't help enough in PvM to make it worth my while. Against a 120 wrestling monster, you will be parrying about 10% of the total swings (9% with HLA, 11% without). That means about one parry every 15 seconds, in which time you can heal five times the damage you would have taken. So while parry is nice, it isn't mandatory.
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