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Mental note. Don't do business before coffee



This was a scam for gold. They paid half upfront and never made the other half of the payment.


Note. I usually get paid in full upfront this was before morning coffee jeez



Ship to this address:


Andrew Reed

120A Orion Road

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

United States




Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID # 78S23724SJ170503R)



Sent by:

Andrew Reed (The sender of this payment is Verified)

Buyer email:





pscam Davee D6:23 AM

Hello, are you there?


Nabin6:23 AM



Nabin6:23 AM

sure friend how much do you need


pscam Davee D6:23 AM

Do you have gold in stock on Atlantic?


pscam Davee D6:24 AM

90m gold


Nabin6:24 AM

ok that is $49.50 send via paypal


Nabin6:25 AM

do you have a vendor


pscam Davee D6:26 AM

No vendor.


Nabin6:26 AM

okies I will get it bagged for you


Nabin6:26 AM

let me know whne the funds are sent


pscam Davee D6:27 AM

How come the paypal e-mail, is not the same as your e-mail on your forum post?


Nabin6:27 AM

its my business acount but very good question friend


Nabin6:28 AM



Nabin6:28 AM



pscam Davee D6:28 AM

Your in game char is in Ancient Conclave of Wisdom though, yes? (Just want to be sure I am dealing with the right person.)


Nabin6:28 AM

I will be upstairs bagging your gold shortly you can pop over if you like


pscam Davee D6:29 AM

How would I get there? I haven't been to the house before.


Nabin6:29 AM

nono i will be upstairs at the luna bank


pscam Davee D6:30 AM

Ah, alright.


Nabin6:32 AM

lol sure friend


pscam Davee D6:32 AM

Alright. Would you be fine with 2 transactions for 24.75$ each? Since I have not ordered from you before. If you understand my slight hesitation?


pscam Davee D6:33 AM



pscam Davee D6:33 AM

Give me a moment.


Nabin6:33 AM



pscam Davee D6:33 AM

I am at the bank, It Is Inevitable.


pscam Davee D6:33 AM

one second


Nabin6:34 AM

ok gold is ready


Nabin6:35 AM

just waiting on your funds friend


pscam Davee D6:36 AM

On it. Haven't used my paypal account in a while. Have to add my card to it. =p


Nabin6:36 AM



Nabin6:36 AM

let me know when ready


pscam Davee D6:38 AM

Alright. The first half is done.


pscam Davee D6:39 AM

That is for the first 45m. Then I'll send the money for the second 45m when that is



Nabin6:39 AM

thanks friend


pscam Davee D6:40 AM

Your welcome.


pscam Davee D6:40 AM

Thank you also.


Nabin6:40 AM

let me know when you send the other half


Nabin6:40 AM

I appreciate smooth trades.


Nabin6:40 AM

if you would be so kind as to post some positive feedback I would be sure to do the same.


Nabin6:45 AM

still waiting on your balance of funds friend

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