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Throwing in pvp

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I want to create thrower-myst-weaver..
But in stratics i seen some information about throwing skill:

Close Quarters Combat: Being too close to a target would normally cause ineffective throws. However, Swordsmanship skill can compensate for this, with Legendary skill even giving a slight bonus.

does i must to train swordsmanship skill close to the enemy?

That is my temp:

110 throwing
110 bush
110 parry
gm myst
gm focus
gm weave
90 tactics

is it good for pvp char?
p.s. i'm gargoyle



    Aneirin - UP - VTC

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Mysticism and focus absolutely need to be 120. (to put the boulder spell on the spell stone), otherwise you'll need 110 mysticism in order to be reliable with hail storm.

Bushido doesn't fit the template at all. Even a little bit.

Likewise, parry isn't that much for a thrower without swords.

The jury is currently out on having weaving on this character. With mysticism, you're already using a lot of mana... but careful planning and spell application could be effective if you're experienced.

Since you're over at stratics anyway, read 2011 Warrior Template Thread - Stratics Forums just to get some ideas.

My mystic/warrior is 120 mysticism, fencing, focus, 100 tactics, healing, anatomy, 60 chivalry. I haven't PvPed with it yet, but it's promising (would be better with throwing instead of fencing, but I'm a human and already have a darn good archer)
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The throwers I have fought seem to have 120 resist and either wrestling or swords along with throwing. The wrestle ones seem to be strong since you can't do much damage to them by disarming the throw weapon, but bleedwalk is pretty cool too. I like spellweaving a lot so I like your idea using it, but I would say about 60-70 would be high enough, since the higher end spells cost a lot of mana and are only useful in certain situations.

My guess for a pvp thrower...
100 anat
90 heal
120 resist
120 wrestle
80 med

The mortal ai spam with a soul glaive is rough. Also 140 dex cursed, so you can get the 4 sec heals, 50 ep chugging potions and using apples. Pretty strong in terms of yew gate, never saw one in despise.

May have to do higher tactics/anat to hit 35s on AIs.. Idk I play mages, but thats my best guess on what I am fighting against.




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if throwing highter than 100, and dex 100+, swordsmanship don't need to fight close to enemy.

informasion from uoguide.com:

Close Quarters Combat
Even though they may be meant to be thrown, these weapons all have sharp, mean edges on them - perfect for catching an unsuspecting melee fighter off guard. A player’s Dexterity and throwing skill equal to Grandmaster or higher can compensate for the hit chance penalty. Close quarters combat with a throwing weapon will no longer require you to have the swordsmanship skill to negate hit chance penalty.

uo.stratics.com dont have this information