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Purchased 200 mil via paypal


recieved gold and disputed transaction


Mike Crate

icq - Age: 40, icq#: mickeym282


Paypal Information is as follows


kevin olson


Shipping address


kevin olson

3568 Taos Lane

Las Vegas, NV 89121

United States




Scam Mike Crate10:43 AM



Nabin10:43 AM

hello friend


Scam Mike Crate10:44 AM

Was wondering if you still had funds available on atlantic shard?


Nabin10:44 AM



Nabin10:44 AM

how much are you looking for


Scam Mike Crate10:44 AM

More then likley about 200m


Nabin10:44 AM



Nabin10:45 AM

let me finish brokering a trade here and I will be right with you


Scam Mike Crate10:45 AM

Alrighty then


Nabin10:45 AM

do you have a vendor somehwere


Scam Mike Crate10:46 AM

No both my chars are reds on atlantic but i have a blue for shopping


Scam Mike Crate10:46 AM

i can try to place a vendor somewhere


Nabin10:46 AM

do you have a house


Scam Mike Crate10:46 AM

not currenty, trying to get a mag house in fel


Nabin10:46 AM

oh never mind


Nabin10:46 AM

I jsut xfered gold to atl its already packed up


Scam Mike Crate10:46 AM

oh okay


Nabin10:47 AM

ok send $110 usd via paypal


Nabin10:47 AM

I will be done in a few minutes here


Nabin10:53 AM

ok are your funds sent


Nabin11:07 AM

ok checking in with you frined


Scam Mike Crate11:16 AM

sorry had tyo get my kid from the bus stop


Nabin11:16 AM

no problem friend


Nabin11:17 AM

ok did you get the info on how to send funds


Scam Mike Crate11:17 AM

yes going now, totally forgot what time it was lol


Nabin11:17 AM



Nabin11:18 AM

i do that too


Scam Mike Crate11:24 AM

sorry its making me reverify so give me a moment


Nabin11:24 AM



Scam Mike Crate11:27 AM

okay confirmed sending now


Nabin11:28 AM

okies I am just getting un packed


Scam Mike Crate11:30 AM

okay all sent and ready to go

Nabin11:31 AM


ok come upstairs and be ready to take 200 items


Nabin11:31 AM

i am almost ready


Scam Mike Crate11:31 AM

okay ill be on pro newblet


Nabin11:33 AM

ok I will be on Nabin


Nabin11:33 AM

go in the room with the packies


Scam Mike Crate11:33 AM

alright there.


Nabin11:34 AM

ok I am going to friend you to two of these packies and you can pull the boxes with your gold out or I can just hand you the packies


Nabin11:34 AM

whichever you preffer


Scam Mike Crate11:35 AM

either or doesnt matter


Scam Mike Crate11:36 AM



Nabin11:36 AM



Nabin11:36 AM

los of gold


Nabin11:37 AM



Nabin11:37 AM

thanks friend


Scam Mike Crate11:37 AM

thank you sir


Nabin11:37 AM

if you would be so kind as to post some positive feedback i would do the same for you

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Results with Paypal were the funds were return on the spot to me. Here is the email recieved from scammer


From: kevin olson [mailto:kcols@yahoo.com]

Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 5:35 PM

To: XXXXXX@yahoo.com

Subject: non delivery of items


i see you told paypal i recieved my 400 mil in gold.. but i didnt and if by chance you transferd it to someone you thought was me,thats not my problem,i waited for over an hour to recieve it.and you never icq'd me back.....i did take the precaution of printing our entire conversation and i will go to bank in the morning and file a report with them..this isnt over yet

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my response to said email


From: Lord Nabin [mailto:lordnabin@yahoo.com]

Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 5:45 PM

To: 'kevin olson'

Subject: RE: non delivery of items


Great send it all to me. I will review it and if your right I will refund you your money. I have never missed delivered a purchase. I have however dealt with many people who have tried to take advantage of others.


Lord Nabin


High Council Sage

Ancinet Conclave of Wisdom

ICQ 248-636-691


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When he disputes this with his Bank if they do anything Paypal will represent me and fight for my dollars. All the documentation is in paypals hands in regards to this scam and they are tracking the account. It does tie up your funds for awhile as the bank or credit card company has 30 days to repond but I heve never lost one of these.


Just passing on another example of the extent a scammer will go.

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This happened to me aswell Nabin only a week ago.. I wonder if it was the same person using a different alt/icq/paypal account (player sent money, I delievered the gold and had them verify via icq and in game it was them.... got gold in game than disputed only minutes after receiving) I logged the entire ICQ conversation, such as you did, took screen shots in game aswell and submitted it. Paypal came back and said the person in question could not dispute the claim based on it was a "Virtual Goods" transaction and thanked me for sending in supporting documentation of the incident anyways.


Good luck!

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Is there a way to sell something via paypal where it can not be disputed?


I thought that if you told the buyer who is sending the money to click "gift" then it could not be disputed? Is this true? I've never sold gold. I only buy stuff with paypal, and I have never sold with paypal so I dont know.


I just hate seeing people screwed & some times I think there are more scamers in UO that good people.

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