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Scam Alert - Important Read

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It was only a matter of time.


This is a Nabin Impersonator


ICQ # 619865240


When You are dealing with me The Charcter will always show the guild tag


ACW "Ancient Conclave of Wisdom" Also verify the ICQ number which will always show on my posts


To help yourself out


Right click this person in your icq list

select view

select profile

click the prifile name once

it will open an edit window which allows you to change the name displayed

type in Scammer

this will change the name on your list from Lord nabin to Scammer and help to keep you safe.

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Chat log from situation. this is rather sad please read carefully


Scam Lord Nabin10:30 AM

Should I keep going or what?


Nabin10:30 AM


Scam Lord Nabin10:31 AM

I have hit two real hard


Nabin10:30 AM


you know friend

thats to bad

but do as you must


Scam Lord Nabin10:31 AM

Before I keep going maybe we can talk you give me what I want and this ends and hopefully no one will pick up on the things I learned.


Nabin10:31 AM

oh so this is blackmail



Scam Lord Nabin10:32 AM

Giving you a bad name because not everyone looks on the websites.

Scam Lord Nabin10:33 AM

Im just trying to make my way in the game at the cost of your name. Sorry but I do have to say you have an excellent following and trust worthy clients.


Nabin10:32 AM

yes I do and very loyal

so what exactly is it you want friend


Scam Lord Nabin10:33 AM

I will let this go you won't hear of it ever again.


Scam Lord Nabin10:34 AM

I need gold in this game. I am going to be starting a very big guild in atlantic and need to set my guys up.


Nabin10:35 AM

thats it


Scam Lord Nabin10:36 AM

Yes sir.


Nabin10:35 AM

so how much are we talking


Scam Lord Nabin10:36 AM

What you want to pay?


Nabin10:36 AM

well first I need a list of the players you took advantage of, their contact info, and what it was


Scam Lord Nabin is Available




Scam Lord Nabin10:37 AM

not a problem


Scam Lord Nabin10:39 AM

The big one I did was from a Icq user Kelly Vogel- I hit her big and then there was a small one in game because I have your char wearing the same thing I forget his name but it will come to me.


Scam Lord Nabin10:40 AM

As of right now i am hiding so I don't cause too much attention and giving other people the same idea respecting your wish.


Nabin10:41 AM

ok let me know when you have your story togethr with all the details


Scam Lord Nabin10:43 AM

The one in game was just 40 mill char name was John Locke. The one outside of the game was icq Kelly Vogel and she was for $300 dollars she was "buying gold"

now I can stop

but you got to let me know what we are going to do about it


Scam Lord Nabin10:44 AM

I am not a bad person just role playing the "bad guy"


Nabin10:43 AM

well what we are going to do about it is your going to fix the wrong you have already done


Scam Lord Nabin10:45 AM

I won't act on it untill you compensate me. I have nothing to lose. I got another one going in the process 150 mill. I will keep going


Nabin10:46 AM

I can repect that. You really did go about this all the wrong way. If you had done your reasearch community development is what I am all about. Helping set up a healty guild would have been right up my alley.

I am not opposed to compensating you fo ryour time


Scam Lord Nabin10:47 AM

Honestly didn't think there was honesty and loyalty in the game


Nabin10:47 AM

however I honestly can't make a move on that till the people your stole from are taken care of. When you get that done and I can verify it let me know.


Scam Lord Nabin10:49 AM

I don't act like that nor do i have the gold to do it. My means of getting gold is trashing your name. So maybe we have to start somehwere.


Nabin10:49 AM

sorry to hear that friend.


Scam Lord Nabin10:50 AM

I'm sorry to hear that we have to step this way


Nabin10:51 AM

we all must do what we feel is right friend. You have already proven yourself willing to harm others for your own gain. Now is the time to provide a token of good faith in order to recieve your true objective. Otherwise there really is no means in place for you to accomplish it with me.


Scam Lord Nabin10:52 AM

I will do this and then you show me your good faith.


Scam Lord Nabin10:53 AM

I will send the payment of $300 back then what will you do for me?


Nabin10:54 AM

like I said friend I am open to the idea of compensating you for your time once you have corrected everything you have done and I can verify it. Let me know once you have that accomplished


Scam Lord Nabin10:56 AM

the only one that I can take care of is the one outside of the game. Inside the game its was someones char no idea of compensating. I am a click a way from sending this payment back will you be ready to go about it after that?

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I'd guess there are some laws about fraudulently taking money from people, and likely across state lines so that's federal. Then add slander, extortion.....not good. Paypal will likely have this person's info, then a quick call to that state's BI, and the FBI... prob solved.

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Nabin10:54 AM

like I said friend I am open to the idea of compensating you for your time once you have corrected everything you have done and I can verify it. Let me know once you have that accomplished


Scam Lord Nabin10:56 AM

the only one that I can take care of is the one outside of the game. Inside the game its was someones char no idea of compensating. I am a click a way from sending this payment back will you be ready to go about it after that?


Scam Lord Nabin is Available




Scam Lord Nabin11:12 AM

I am just a click away friend!


Scam Lord Nabin11:16 AM

okay you want her icq? That way you can ask her she is al set!


Nabin11:17 AM

syas she doesn't have it let me know when you two have this worked out


Scam Lord Nabin11:26 AM



Nabin11:25 AM

forward me the email you recieved from paypal confirming the info


Scam Lord Nabin11:27 AM

I sent it to her you can talk to her if you want I don't want you having my info. You are not in position so make requests. Just know thats as far as I go if you don't come up with gold in 10 mins I reverse it.


Nabin11:33 AM

you know thats not going to work. Now lets get your in game guy handled


Scam Lord Nabin11:34 AM



this is over

I tried


Game over

good luck with what you just caused

time is up friend

I got a little more info from you then you could imagine


Nabin11:34 AM

seriously and this is how you build trust


Scam Lord Nabin11:35 AM


I don't need trust

I gave you the option


Scam Lord Nabin11:36 AM

you either meet me now with gold or this deal goes sour


Nabin11:35 AM

how much gold are we talking


Scam Lord Nabin11:36 AM

I showed me good faith

I want 300 million and I will never do this again. I could of used the money I had to buy it but lets just figure this is better


Lord Nabin11:37 AM

Also pray that no one will ever do this because it is the next best thing to you

Lets go friend!


Nabin11:38 AM

I am checking hol don


Scam Lord Nabin11:39 AM

checking what?

Theres nothing to check


Nabin11:39 AM



Scam Lord Nabin11:40 AM

Im leaving in 3 mins after that its free game everything is ready to go I will be in full fletch


Nabin11:42 AM

freind I have a lot of vendors and remember there is a rares fest going on so where do you think most of my gold went


Scam Lord Nabin11:43 AM

understand but you still got 3 mins im sure you got it somewhere


Nabin11:43 AM

ok looks like I have just under 100 mil here I am going to have to xfer it


Scam Lord Nabin11:44 AM

I will take items

as well

crimsons tangles

tinker legs

anything that sells

I have to go so make it sweet or I have to go on with this bud


Nabin11:44 AM

I would rather just xfer the gold


Scam Lord Nabin11:45 AM

I don't have the time pal wish I did. Just give it to me in items there just as good

100 mill and then items works perfect

I don't want to show people what I am doing or your going to have 60 copy cats and people won't buy from you

I am looking to save your name believe it or not.


Scam Lord Nabin11:46 AM

You ready to meet with the goods?


Nabin11:46 AM

I am looking


Scam Lord Nabin11:47 AM

Just take anything valuable my time is running.


Scam Lord Nabin11:48 AM

Just about ready?\


Nabin11:48 AM

You know I am just going to xfer the gold I have way to much stuff to look through

let me know when you get back


Scam Lord Nabin11:49 AM

nope sorry not going to work.


Scam Lord Nabin11:50 AM

give me what you got. I wont be back I will be shutting this icq deleting all fake email and user names with your tag on it so just meet up with me and get it over with


Scam Lord Nabin11:51 AM

Where we meeting?


Scam Lord Nabin11:52 AM


2 more mins and im on the prowl......


Scam Lord Nabin11:55 AM

If you look in your journal in game you could see where this is going


Nabin11:55 AM

you know I dont like being pressured


Scam Lord Nabin11:56 AM

understand that but I have to go and either way its with a decisio I must make whats it going to be?


Scam Lord Nabin11:57 AM

Last time I did this I was generating under a name that made people think Lady Marion and Lynn was corrupt. I will deface your name I am giving you one shot here pal. Whats it going to be


Nabin12:00 PM

look friend. I really dont care who you are but seriously strong arm tactics and threats don't really work with me


Scam Lord Nabin12:01 PM

Nabin you going to meet me or not?


Nabin12:00 PM

I am just an Old Sage who travels the lands of Sosaria


Scam Lord Nabin12:01 PM

Thats all I really need to know


Scam Lord Nabin12:02 PM


Nabin12:02 PM

Have a good day friend


Scam Lord Nabin12:02 PM

you as well

Good luck


Nabin12:02 PM

I have something better than luck


Scam Lord Nabin12:03 PM

I hope so


Nabin12:02 PM

rest assured


Scam Lord Nabin12:03 PM

under estimating a mastermind at work is a dangerous concept


Nabin12:03 PM

You can't master the mind of "The better than Luck"


Scam Lord Nabin12:05 PM

Trust me I can I have been doing it since 1999. I will go down to 100 mill and an item do you accept the offer?


Scam Lord Nabin12:06 PM

Last offer


Scam Lord Nabin12:07 PM

Is that your answer?

Nabin12:06 PM

have a great day friend


Scam Lord Nabin is Available

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Conversations with Kelly Vogel now from ICQ


Kelly Vogel11:10 AM

Hey Nabin check this out I get a email from the guy who scammed me a few weeks ago saying he was sorry and that he was going to send my money back what are your thought?


Kelly Vogel11:12 AM

ahhh its because of you hes trying to send it back!


Kelly Vogel11:14 AM

Do you think he really is going to?


Nabin11:14 AM

who knows


Nabin11:14 AM

but he wont get anything from me till it is


Kelly Vogel11:15 AM

Don't give him any don't worry about me I sold the account to you and I am okay with what I have don't you go dishing money to that guy!


Nabin11:16 AM

did you recieve the funds


Nabin11:16 AM

if so email me the confirmation at lordnabin@yahoo.com


Kelly Vogel11:17 AM

okay let me check


Kelly Vogel11:18 AM



Nabin11:18 AM

I know dont get your hopes up


Nabin11:18 AM

just more stupid drama


Kelly Vogel11:19 AM

I don't think hes going to i am over it.


Kelly Vogel11:19 AM

I was(


Kelly Vogel11:20 AM

i will end up buying gold from you anyway


Nabin11:20 AM



Nabin11:23 AM

lol ok forward me the email


Kelly Vogel11:23 AM

April 8, 2011 Payment From Michael Forsythe Completed Details $300.00 USD -$9.00 USD $291.00 USD...


Kelly Vogel11:23 AM

Wow he did it


Kelly Vogel11:23 AM

Thank you so much your the best!!!


Nabin11:23 AM

and make a post on the uoforums link I sent you


Kelly Vogel11:23 AM

Now I go back to work a happy girl


Nabin11:24 AM

everything you just sent me


Nabin11:24 AM

he contacted you post the refund in full with his name and credentials


Kelly Vogel11:24 AM

What do I say on post?


Nabin11:24 AM

yep cut and paste the details from payapl


Nabin11:25 AM

and email me the notice


Kelly Vogel11:25 AM

Do i say he gave it back and everything?


Kelly Vogel11:25 AM

okay I have to go to work so i will do it there yay so hapopy@


Kelly Vogel11:26 AM

ty i love you

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Now all this is a great example of a serious serial scammer at work. There is no doubt in my mind that this complex scam was set up over a several week period as kelly contacted me a week or so ago about the first supposed theft.


Clearly they work together and sadly as a community it is hard to defend against such people.


Hope I am wrong about Kelly but frankly ......

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Shields Up, people.


With the rumour that EA will sell 1 million UO gold for $0,10... people are selling everything while they can... with some players selling their hard earnt gold(irony, yeah) for $0,20 per million.


Thank you for the warning!

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Shields Up, people.


With the rumour that EA will sell 1 million UO gold for $0,10... people are selling everything while they can... with some players selling their hard earnt gold(irony, yeah) for $0,20 per million.


Thank you for the warning!



Where this rumor come from? Any links? This is the first I've heard of it. I got my google glasses on but not finding much off the top.


Kudos to Nabin. Dude is seriously a one of a kind. Anybody else have images that he really does look like his avatar? Sitting up in some Mage Tower ruling over his characters from a crystal ball computer?


I've had it more than once. meh.

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I was contacted by LORD Nadin on ICQ#619865240 with the house i had forsale he told me he would like to broker it for me and this is how it went and he is still msg me as I type this

Lord Nabin 4/8/2011 4:55 PM

You added Lord Nabin


BadBoy 4/8/2011 7:01 PM

you just added me3A2D29

after all we have been talking



Recent messages


Lord Nabin 11:27 AM

Hello friend!




BadBoy 11:27 AM


hows it going



Lord Nabin 11:27 AM

I am okay not to bad!

And yourself



BadBoy 11:27 AM

not to bad

whats up



Lord Nabin 11:28 AM

I must of added you because you were looking for something on uoforums3A2D29



BadBoy 11:28 AM




BadBoy 11:29 AM

i had a house forsale on alantic

was that it?



Lord Nabin 11:29 AM

Maybe where was it?



BadBoy 11:29 AM

on the road outside of luna

across the bridge



Lord Nabin 11:30 AM

Oh maybe thats what it was I was probably going to buy it for someone



BadBoy 11:31 AM

would you like to see it



Lord Nabin 11:31 AM

I may have a buyer for you im a broker im sure you know3A2D29



BadBoy 11:31 AM

i know



Lord Nabin 11:32 AM

how much you want to sell it for?



BadBoy 11:32 AM

was asking 75mill but to you i would do 60mill



BadBoy 11:33 AM

that way you can make something on it to



Lord Nabin 11:33 AM

Well it wouldnt be for me but If you want I can get it sold for you for 75 depending where



BadBoy 11:33 AM

i sold the one in back of it for a 125mill



Lord Nabin 11:33 AM

Let me see it maybe I can push 125 for you3A2D29



BadBoy 11:34 AM

ok i will meet you at your vendor house



Lord Nabin 11:34 AM


where is it exactly?



BadBoy 11:34 AM

i am sharpie i will open a gate for you



Lord Nabin 11:35 AM

give me a sec be right there



BadBoy 11:35 AM

i know



BadBoy 11:36 AM

i see you helping someone else

bussiness first



Lord Nabin 11:38 AM

I wilklk be there on my other account let me finish up with this guy Auction house stuff

i will find it and be right there



BadBoy 11:39 AM

south across the bridge



Lord Nabin 11:39 AM

okay be right there



BadBoy 11:40 AM

i am at the house



Lord Nabin 11:41 AM

k give me two mins stay there be right there



Lord Nabin 11:44 AM

I am at the bridge friend



BadBoy 11:45 AM

keep coming south



BadBoy 11:46 AM

i got to take dog out brb



Lord Nabin 11:47 AM

Well let me know if you want me to sell it for you if so you can give it to me and I will sell for no less then you want and I take a 5mill cut friend3A2D29



BadBoy 11:49 AM

i will have to see



Lord Nabin 11:49 AM

I would probably try and sell at 125 for you to get you your max profit.



Lord Nabin 11:50 AM

i could probably sell it in in the first few hours of having it honest friend



BadBoy 11:51 AM

well i dont know

why not just give me the money and then i will transfer it to you



Lord Nabin 11:52 AM

I am just a broker selling for you I don't mix my money in the mix. If you want to friend just let me know. I could probably have it sold for you today at the least.

I am well known in the server as you know friend.



BadBoy 11:55 AM

i will have to pass but thank you



Lord Nabin 11:55 AM

not a problem friend

if you change your mind I am here



BadBoy 11:55 AM




BadBoy 12:03 PM

well do you think you can get it sold today?



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:03 PM




BadBoy 12:04 PM

i would really feel better if you gave me the gold on it first



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:04 PM

I can sell anything friend!



BadBoy 12:04 PM

i understand you are a broker and well know but how do i know you can be trusted with a 125mill worth of house?



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:05 PM

Because my name is worth more then 125 mill friend

If anything were to happen I would insure that gold five fold



BadBoy 12:05 PM

what do you own again that makes your name worth that much to me?



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:06 PM

The auction house a few houses in luna. I am trusted on UOForums and Uo stratics friend.



BadBoy 12:06 PM

i understand that but i want to sell it outright not brokered



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:06 PM

I would sell your house in maybe the first two hours if not sooner of being the owner.

Im doing you a favor i will sell it for 125 leaving you 120 mill for yourself



BadBoy 12:07 PM

i dont know are you sure you cant just buy it out right



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:07 PM

I wish friend i am just a broker. Honest you don't have to go with me I just figured i would help you out.



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:08 PM

No worries friend.



BadBoy 12:08 PM

or how about you just contact me when you find a buyer and i will give it to them when they give me the gold and i will give you the 5 mill for it



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:08 PM

If its my name I have to be in control of transactions my name being defamed is my pride sir.



BadBoy 12:10 PM

can you give me a few reference i can check with first before i do it not that i dont trust you

just being safe is all

you can understand that i hope



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:10 PM

Friend safe is good but my name is all over the site.

If you can't trust that giving peoples names won't metter.



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:11 PM

If I am going to do this for you Sat morning are prime time for selling houses so I could sell it very fast friend.



BadBoy 12:12 PM

well all you have to do is give me a few names of people you have done bussiness with that can tell me that you are a good guy and they that are great to deal with and i will do the deal i am sorry

i have been scammed before wont be scammed again not saying you would do it



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:13 PM

No worries friend I don't need the deal to be honest.



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:14 PM

I am also on UO stratics verffied.



BadBoy 12:15 PM

i understand that but if you could just give me a couple ICQ# of people or people in game that could let me know it is ok to deal with you that is fine



BadBoy 12:16 PM

then we can get this deal done with



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:16 PM

Friend you can ask people in the game that is your right. I can't keep doing this its a bit of a time restraint. You do your research and come back to me.



BadBoy 12:17 PM

if you got a great name then you giving me a few people to talk to would not be a problem



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:17 PM

Friend ask anyone you would like go to the website its all over. UO FORUMS has my name everywhere you look



BadBoy 12:18 PM

i can give you about 25 people on my list that can tell you i am a great person and tell you who i am and i am not even a broker should be easy for you



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:19 PM

I can't give ICQ numbers out. People like privacy. What you can do is go in game and ask around.



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:20 PM

I will give you the icq number of the last player I did buisness with is that what you wnat?



BadBoy 12:21 PM

that would be ok

can i ask them about you



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:21 PM




BadBoy 12:21 PM

ok can i have it please



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:21 PM

643 -990- 350 Her name is Kelly



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:23 PM

Let me know when you have done so friend!



BadBoy 12:24 PM

ok i am waiting for them to msg me back now



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:24 PM

okay you let me know friend.



BadBoy 12:28 PM

one more thing can you msg me on my post threw Uostratics that i have on the house so i can verafie you that way to

looking good so far

kelly says great stuff about you



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:28 PM

I can you just have to wait I got things I got to take care of buisness. I can't do much more because time won't let me friend.



BadBoy 12:30 PM

now i have heard there is a fake nabin running around i just dont want to get the wrong one



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:31 PM

Understand friend I have given you my refrence I can't spend any more time on this just let me know when you are ready so I can get this going for you.



BadBoy 12:34 PM

ok thank you i will let you know

is ICQ the best way to let you know

and are you selling one of your luna houses i heard?



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:35 PM

yes I am very expensive maybe if you want to work something out we can. Best bet is selling it on a Sat thats why I asked today I can sell it for you in an hour lots of people on.



BadBoy 12:36 PM

how much are you asking for your houses



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:36 PM

One is going for a billion.



BadBoy 12:37 PM

ok thank you

i will let you know



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:38 PM

okay I probably will be pretty tied up auction starts tonight so hope you come to a descion soon while I am still free, I can push 120 for you for sure.



Scammer Lord Nabin 12:51 PM

actually may even have a few buyers already.



Scammer Lord Nabin 1:42 PM

I got people interested friend!

As you can see he will not give up as for his person to contact this is what they c said

named nadin or lord nadin in UOKelly Vogel 12:25 PM

Nabin of ultima online atlantic?



BadBoy 12:25 PM

or Lord nabin on ICQ?



Kelly Vogel 12:25 PM

Oh yes def just did some trades with him



BadBoy 12:25 PM

have to ever done bussiness with him



Kelly Vogel 12:25 PM

We just got done about hour or two ago



BadBoy 12:26 PM

he would like to sell my house for me and wants me to trade it to him do you feel this is save for me to do



Kelly Vogel 12:27 PM

Great guy smooth trade has a huge following and very trust worthy.



BadBoy 12:29 PM

do you know if he owns anything in luna



Kelly Vogel 12:29 PM

Yes a auction house sir your good with him hes good i trust him with my life



BadBoy 12:30 PM

now i have heard there is a fake nabin running around i just dont want to get the wrong one



Kelly Vogel 12:30 PM

Hes a good guy your in good hands



BadBoy 12:30 PM

i hope you understand



Kelly Vogel 12:30 PM

Def do!



BadBoy 12:31 PM

thank you been very helpfull



Kelly Vogel 12:31 PM

Not a problem

now this persons ICQ# is 643990350

I have Know Nabin for about a year and was talking to him the hole time this guy msged me letting him know what went on hope this helps other people this guy is a real scumbag if you ask me

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Yeah, I haven't even had direct contact with Nabin and am an infrequent visitor and even I could tell a couple of sentences in that it wasn't The Nabin. The tone was off. Hopefully anyone dealing with scam nabin will do at least of minimum of checking at least.

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This post is for the scammer...not the forum community.

Please read and take careful note.


Seriously? It is evident that you believe this scam is clever amongst other dishonorable adjectives.


Honestly though...what it really looks like to everyone is a poorly engineered, pre-destined fail, second rate stand up comedy routine.


Reality leads the way and proves that the only thing you are doing at this point is effectively insulting the intelligence of the uo players, uoforum/stratics members while degrading yourself. Worst part is you have already proven that you dont have the marbles to effect transactions of this nature, scope and imense trust on any level of game and perhaps real life.


So enjoy your gameplay, after all it is just a game.

Just remember this much, your decisions define you as a person and if you are okay with who you are, then I am no longer concerned with scams in a game - rather instead I will pray for you and trust that someday you will think enough of yourself to have the confidence to accomplish great things by doing the right thing.


"It makes sense if you don't think about it."

Ponder that one a while....

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New contact from yet another alias


Mickey Mouse

icq 644-991-344


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 2:11 PM

Hello friend!


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 4:56 PM You added Mickey mouse


Nabin4/9/2011 5:14 PM

hello friend


pscam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:05 PM


(Nabin's true name was here) are you ready to be freaked out?


Nabin4/9/2011 6:07 PM



scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:10 PM

I will stop there just know I tried to work a deal with you.


Nabin4/9/2011 6:11 PM



Nabin4/9/2011 6:11 PM

have a nice night friend


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:12 PM

you as well Mr. (Nabin's Last name here) of cali.


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:15 PM

Want me to keep going?


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:18 PM

We can stop this tonight message me when your ready So far 4 Long cons.


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:23 PM

Its going to cost you pal. want me to stop defacing your perfect name.


Nabin4/9/2011 6:31 PM

I seriously doubt it you are wasting your time with the wrong person. This is my last response


scam Mickey mouse4/9/2011 6:31 PM

Mine to.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Scam Lord Nabin8:06 AM


Scam Lord Nabin8:18 AM

Thats another one on you you ever going to get smarter or do you want me to stop?


Nabin8:18 AM

what are you talking about


Scam Lord Nabin8:47 AM

oh you know]


Scam Lord Nabin8:49 AM

Do you want it to end?


Nabin8:49 AM

Friend, I don't know what your talking about and frankly consider you to be extremly in effective


Nabin8:49 AM

please go waste your time somewhere else


Scam Lord Nabin8:49 AM



Scam Lord Nabin8:50 AM

I am the one to scam you last three times and three others even for a fel mag plot sw1 on atl


Nabin8:50 AM

I seriosuly doubt that


Scam Lord Nabin8:50 AM



Nabin8:50 AM



Scam Lord Nabin8:50 AM

talk to lykor brokerof cats


Scam Lord Nabin8:51 AM

It can all end.


Nabin8:52 AM

oh I know you got lucky on one with lykor. Other than that Nada In effective like I said. But if this is how you wish to spend your time well


Nabin8:52 AM

thats up to you


Scam Lord Nabin8:52 AM

Lucky lol and how about the account moondance?


Nabin8:52 AM

as I said in effective


Scam Lord Nabin8:53 AM

100mill off you there


Scam Lord Nabin8:53 AM

People already starting to talk about you friend it can all end


Scam Lord Nabin8:53 AM

I will make my online purpose to scamming everyone on atl on your name get ready round 2


Nabin8:54 AM

what are you talking about friend


Scam Lord Nabin8:54 AM

you will shortly see


Scam Lord Nabin8:54 AM

Sad thing is I am willing to come to an agreeance with you to stop this


Nabin8:56 AM

so basically you are saying you sold me the moondance account for 100 ml

and stole it back


Nabin8:56 AM

so your count is upto two


Nabin8:56 AM

I guess


Nabin8:56 AM

after so many hours


Nabin8:56 AM

non effective use of time


Scam Lord Nabin8:57 AM

do you want it all to stop honest?


Nabin8:57 AM

why would I waste my time stopping someone who is all talk


Nabin8:58 AM

there is no merit to anything you have said


Scam Lord Nabin8:58 AM

All talk? Nabin scamming you is so easy don't try to talk like it hasnt happened

so many times...


Nabin8:58 AM

ok friend


Scam Lord Nabin8:58 AM

okay got lucky on lykor


Nabin8:58 AM

like I said


Nabin8:58 AM

your wasting your time


Scam Lord Nabin8:58 AM

how do you figure?


Nabin8:59 AM

clearly you are all talk and have no proof on anything why would I believe you


Scam Lord Nabin8:59 AM

no proof what you want proof of?


Scam Lord Nabin9:00 AM

You need lykors icq?


Scam Lord Nabin9:00 AM

Proof in the pudding mate.


Nabin9:00 AM

like I said I will give you the fact you scammed Lykor other than that


Nabin9:00 AM

your highly in effective


Nabin9:00 AM

most frankly consider you to be a non threat and laughable


Nabin9:01 AM

so have a nice day


Scam Lord Nabin9:01 AM

Im asking you again do you want it to stop or do I keep going and bring others to maked it out plan to take away all you got?


Scam Lord Nabin9:01 AM

I warned you so many times it can stop before it gets real bad


Nabin9:01 AM

lol all this for 50 mil


Scam Lord Nabin9:02 AM



Nabin9:02 AM

oh you must have forgot your history


Nabin9:02 AM

last time you wanted me to pay you off 50 mil


Nabin9:02 AM

so you would stop


Scam Lord Nabin9:02 AM

Stakes got higher.


Nabin9:02 AM



Scam Lord Nabin9:02 AM

its not so much the money


Scam Lord Nabin9:03 AM

as we both know i have alot of it


Nabin9:03 AM

I see lack of effectiveness


Scam Lord Nabin9:03 AM

principle your working with a criminal gridsmith


Nabin9:03 AM

whatever lol


Nabin9:03 AM

your laughable


Scam Lord Nabin9:03 AM

alright Nabin


Nabin9:03 AM

so how much this time for you to stop


Scam Lord Nabin9:03 AM

you choose


Scam Lord Nabin9:03 AM

ill stop forever


Scam Lord Nabin9:04 AM

delete everthing i got on you


Nabin9:04 AM

okeis my choice


Nabin9:04 AM

1 gold piece


Scam Lord Nabin9:04 AM

you got it


Nabin9:04 AM

yep I got a gold piece


Scam Lord Nabin9:05 AM

Sad is in about a week you could of saved it right now.


Scam Lord Nabin9:05 AM

good day.

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Just had a random icq message from a number I think we will recognise from the first post in this thread




the conversation was short and sweet and went as follows


Faux Lord Nabin20:23

hello friend


Calis/Rupert Avery20:24

hello how can i help you


Faux Lord Nabin20:26

I am a broker did you need my services for anything friend?


Calis/Rupert Avery20:26

no... i didnt... how did you get my icq?


Faux Lord Nabin20:27

Must be a mix up on uoforums sorry friend

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He a has been very active today. I have had 12 people contact me that he is actively contacting them by icq and in game. Make it a careful day friends and please do spread the word.


Currently we know of three names across two accounts which are tied to him


Nabin (obviously no ACW guild tag)

Skill Holder

Bionic Bunny


These are all banned at the Atlantic Auction House and are for sure tied to the scammer.

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