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This may be a lot to read, but I wanted to take out the time to let people know of a possible scam attempt and to maybe save them from the same. First off, let me say that I'm not the person to go around angrily pointing fingers. I have the same respect for others as I'd wish for people to have for me. I aspire to someday reach a nobility status of Nabin - trusted by all. So having said that, I don't want to bash on anyone or threaten anyones chances for a possible sale, I just wanted to share ONLY FACTS and my experience today with a possible purchase.


I posted several days ago that I was looking to buy gold on the ATL shard and was contacted via PM by Cynthia Firestorm. She sent me this exact message yesterday afternoon:

i might be able to help you out my husband sells gold via paypal i know if youd like icq me and ill ask him when he is home to check what he has. my icq is 468821183.

I added this person to my ICQ and they appeared as "Diamond Diva". The ICQ profile information lists: Emmy Matthews, Male, Age 32. I thought that it was a little odd with the Diamond Diva belonging to a male name, but it could be her husbands... fair enough. So I messaged her and she said that she personally wasn't selling any gold, but her husband "Tom" was selling some. "He was the former owner of MMOMadeEasy." She said that she would be able to sell the gold when he gets home and "he was actually going to be home in any minute". I was leaving work at the time, so I said I'd contact her later to buy gold. I eventually ended up doing a x-shard transfer with Nabin so didn't need to buy any gold so I told her thanks anyway this morning.


So today I was browsing this forum and saw someone selling an account, and it was Cynthia Firestorm again... perfect I already have her on ICQ! Her exact post was the following:

I have around 550m to get rid of at the moment, and an account, It's 112 months on atlantic, More details available through icq if you would like, My icq is 370-809-351.

I noticed the ICQ was different, but it was posted by the same person... so that made me a little sketchy at first. So I added her to ICQ and the name was "Cynthia", Ultima k.t sale, Female, Age 38. I was chatting with her about the account and I ultimately asked Nabin about the account and seller because I know he's well versed in account trading. He said that the fact the person's first post was the account for sale, and the fact that they posted the amount of gold they were selling both raised red flags for him.

I continued to talk with this person about a broker, and she said that she's never heard of Nabin, and would only use Tom. Personally, I hadn't heard of Tom and even if he IS a broker, the name is too common in my opinion. So I continued to prod about using a different broker, even SearchUO(which they offered to broker for free), but she said that she had been using Tom for four years and only trusted him. I messaged Diamond Diva and asked if her husband was Tom and she said "yes sir, He used to own mmomadeeasy and uo stock like i said, so yes he is a broker". At this point, I was personally sold that it was a scam since the same person on UOForums(same according to the screenname), using two different UINs told me that they were 1. First married to him, then 2. Used him as a broker for four years. To me, it all sounded fishy and with Nabin already saying it sounded like a scam, I was done. I sent this to both UINs simultaneously: "ahhh this is a scam... you used two different UINs.. clever. thanks anyway". I haven't heard another word from either UIN since.


AGAIN.... THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! If you have a pleasant deal with Cynthia Firestorm, then so be it. I'm not saying don't buy from her, or am I accusing her of anything. I'm simply saying that MY PERSONAL experience with her sounded like a scam and detered me from doing any sort of business.


Feel free to take this entire post with a grain of salt if you so choose.


***Edit: I was just informed by employees of UO Stock that is has never been owned by anyone but Jack... so also take a note of that fact.***

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