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Additional Guild Rules

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Rules of conduct:


Guild Rules:


In addition to the RoE' date=' the following additional [b']Guild[/b] rules apply: -




1. Players should be treated with respect at all times. OOC (out of character) abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes Guildchat, Partychat, ICQ, PM, e-mail or any other form of game related communication. Failure to do so will mean instant dismissal from the guild

2. You will remain IC (in character) at all times in RP (role-playing) areas and situations.

3. Any guild hunts that are organised will be IC, therefore IC rules, including the above, applies.

4. Your characters full status should be available on MY.UO at all times.


Guild Specific


We are a role-playing guild portraying Orcs therefore in character you should try to think and act as an Orc would. With this in mind certain skills available in game are not permitted.


Necromancy - If purchased with TR(No transformation spells,raise dead)

Spiritspeak - Alowed with Necromancy.

Mysticism - If purchased with TR, (Not alowed to use stoneform)

Bushido - Not alowed.

Chivalry - Not alowed.

Ninjutsu - If purchased with TR

Spellweaving - Not alowed.



PvP Specific


This is really a question of logic and a feeling of realism against what the game mechanics allow you to do. Do not over use or “spam” special weapon moves(like shadow strike or disarm etc) and spells (such as paralyze or mana vampire etc). We realise at times you will be up against players whose guild is less restrictive or individuals determined to win at all costs and will “spam” continually. In such situations please try to be more mature than your opponent and shrug it off. You may lose the fight but the moral victory is yours.


If in stealth mode think about your surrounds etc and try to act logically. Again you will no doubt see individuals acting stupidly, just shrug it off. Similarly there are individuals whose use of detect hidden and tracking skills border on powermoding. Just try not to descend down to their level.

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