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The flight

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OOC: if you have questions please feel free to PM me :)

Starting out life in the small town of Moonglow Marianna Syndael's child hood was quite and fun for a young playful kid. With her two twin brothers, Lael Syndael, Jozef Syndael and her sister Chasey Syndael.
Marianna's teachers soon grew fond of her in thier classes as she quickly excelled passed her siblings and class mates in the studies of magic and alchemy.
A few years went by and Marianna, her parents and siblings soon moved to the shore of Moonglow as the town grew so they could keep out of the hustle and bustle of the city but the times where getting dark and gloomier with the news of a invading force from the west.

Current day-
Marianna awoke at night laying in bed, she turned over looking out the balcony watching the waves wash up on shore lit by the full moon in the night sky, accompanied by a warm summer breeze that ruffled the door curtains in her room. She had awoke from a dream that was recurring of lighting coming from the sky. Silly she though as she slipped out of bed and walked to the deck, leaning against the wall an odd burning smell faintly filled the air. She turned towards the town and a small red glow could be seen by the docks, but before she could ponder what was going on she heard the sound of horses hooves coming up the dirty pathway from the road bellow. Moments later there was a loud knock at the front door.

Marianna the grabbed her night gown and slipped it on and headed for the bedroom door. She could hear a mans low voice from downstairs that was to muffled to make out what he was saying. As she headed out into the hallway she could tell everyone was downstairs in the living room with this unknown person.
" They have made their way to the docks, and the elders are trying to hold them back while the towns people leave to the south...nobody thought that they would have made it this far.." he stopped as Marianna got to the bottom of the stairs. It was Richard the towns Steward. Tall dark haired man with a dark cloak on.
"Good evening Marianna" Richard said. He has been teaching her more advanced magic outside of school. " Hurry all of you! Go to your bedrooms and gather your traveling bags and cloaks! We must leave soon" Their mother snapped at them. "Whats going on?" Marianna asked her mother. " I have no time to explain now, I will once we have begun our travel" she replayed back. As she headed back up the stairs she heard her father say he was going to go with Richard to try and help, and would meet up with them later.

"Did you hear what happened? " Lael asked Marianna. as they walked up the stairs " No I didn't, I did see a red glow from the town..." she was cut off by Jozef who cut in, " Richard came in and was talking to mother and father about Banes evil army, they made their way to moonglow! They are sending us south so we can meet up with the last of the Elders to help us leave by a magical gate or something like that" he finished.
A couple minutes later they where in the living room, with traveling backs and cloaks ready to leave. Marianna had grabbed her old magic leather book, and some other belongings in her bag. All of them quickly headed down the dirt road into the night, the warm summer breeze had left, and had been replaced by a cold chilly mist lit by the glowing moon in the heavens which had now turned a dark red. They where quickly joined by other family's who were heading down the road, all of them with scared chatter of what they had heard. " Not to much longer, just over this hill" Amelia their mother said. Not a moment later a loud crash and a strike of lighting hit the ground. People screamed, and fled in every direction. Tall dark figures could be seen standing above on the hill, one of which raised his hands up and bolts of lighting fell from the sky's hitting people and turning them into ash. Complete panic broke out and nothing could be done. "Just keep running" Marianna though to herself. As she ran around the corner she could see the last of the towns people disappearing into a bright shimmering gateway with one elder left holding it open for them. Not far behind them where the evil mages of the Bane army, with a look of fear on the elders face he stepped into the portal and the light shimmered and slowly stared to fade away. With all of her might Marianna and the others jumped forward into the shimmering light, with Marianna being the last one to enter the portal a bright flash of light surrounded behind her, then nothing but cold darkness closed around her and without warning she hit the ground smacking her head on something hard, all she saw was a warm red light wrapped in feathers, then all light disappeared and she saw darkness.





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Marianna opened her eyes to have blurry vision after her fall, trying to push herself up she gasp as a fiery burn shot down her back. A nearby voice said “Child lay still or you are going to hurt yourself even more.” Marianna felt a warm touch on her back, then a cool tingling feeling spread outwards. “Who are you? Where am I?” Marianna asked.

“In due time child, you must relax, I am Kahlan a Phoenix.” She said. Marianna rolled over to see whom she was talking to. A brilliant fiery red bird that lay next to her, you could tell the age in her but none the less stunning.

“How are you talking to me?” Marianna said

“I am very old from the time before Mondain was around, from the ancient world,” Kahlan said, “now child what is your name?”

“It’s Marianna Syndael, but I still don’t understand how you are talking to me…” Marianna replied.

“The magical powers are woven into me, as the creature I am, you must rest now and I must go out and gather more oak.” Kahlan told her.

With that she walked to the edge of what seemed to be a nest and opened her wings and took flight into the night sky, the red glow slowly disappeared. As Marianna’s vision came back to her she started to look around, she saw that she was next to twigs that surrounded her in a cocoon except the edge where Kahlan had taken flight moments before. Moving to the edge Marianna looked outside, what she could make out in the dark is that she was very high in a tree of some sort. Far in the distance the full moons light shimmered off of the oceans water. A sigh escaped her, slowly turning around Marianna went back into the nest laying down and drifting off to sleep.

Waking up to a rustling sound, Marianna saw Kahlan the phoenix laying odds and ends on the nest floor. The morning sunlight shinned into the nest laying a trail of light across the floor.

“Ah you are back, that didn’t take you long.” Marianna told Kahlan. “Oh Marianna my poor child, you have been asleep for days now..” Kahlan told her. “What? I could not have been asleep for more the just a few hours.” Marianna said as she moved towards the opening of the nest.

The sight was amazing as the nest overlooked the top of a forest. At the very end the ocean could be seen shimmering in the sunlight. “Whatever happened to you child was a very dark and evil magic that I have not seen in a long time, take a look at your shoulder.” Kahlan told her. Marianna glanced down her right upper shoulder to see dark blue lines with a dark outline vining its way around her and downwards towards her back. She then had a flashback of her running through a gate and a white hot light behind her and then nothing. “All I can remember is a white hot light and then waking up here” Marianna said staring over the tree tops.

“I am not sure either, I was out flying around gathering for my nest, and I saw you fly out of the air in a flash of light and landing in a grass field. You had hit your head pretty hard, and you looked so innocent that I couldn’t leave you there to die.” Kahlan said

“I do thank you for taking care of me. This is a beautiful place.” Marianna said.

“You are in the deep forest of Yew, on top of a giant Sequoia” Kahlan told her.

“I remember living on a smaller island watching the ocean from my bedroom window.. I can’t remember with who or where..” Marianna drifted off saying.

“It will soon come to you” Kahlan said

Days turned into weeks, and soon into months, as Marianna and Kahlan the phoenix’s relationship grew closer. It was not so awkward talking to a bird anymore as Marianna now considered her a close friend. With Kahlan’s help everyday they would venture from the top of the Sequoia which towered over the forest down to the frost floor. Marianna would gather wood and other odds and ends for the nest that Kahlan needed, as Marianna would do so Kahlan would sit in the tops of the tree keeping an eye out for any unwelcomed guest.

Soon the tops of the trees changed to an amazing golden red color as the seasons changed into the autumn. Towards the end of the normal daily routines and after collecting some of the odd items Kahlan requested Marianna to gather like oak, cinnamon, spikenard, and myrrh. They were up in the oak nest; Mariannas legs hanging over the edge looking outwards towards the magnificent sunset which had set off a rainbow of colors such as pink, golden reds, and oranges the glimmered over the water of the ocean.

“Marianna my child.. My time has come.” Kahlan spoke softly.

“What do you mean?” Marianna asked as she turned around to face Kahlan.

“Marianna my child, ever being comes to this world and they must leave when the great one calls for them.” Kahlan said.

Marianna moved close to Kahlan resting next to her, Kahlan rapped her wing around the small framed girl. “Lay with me my child, as you have helped me build my nest of oak. For when phoenix’s die, we turn into ash, and then are reborn from the ashes.” As Kahlan finished speaking her voice started to drift off.

“If you do not return my friend, I will always keep you in my heart and you shall always live in my memory.” Marianna whispered

Just as the last glimpse of the sun dropped out of the sky, the first of the stars started to show, Kahlan took her last breath. A night breeze gently rocked the nest; a beautiful song of sorrow filled the air as a glowing red ghostly shadow of Kahlan took flight into the night sky. It was not sad nor scary but magnificent in Marianna’s eyes. Marianna wept at the sight of a loved friend passing. “Child do not weep for me as I am giving you my gift of life” Kahlans voice heard in the air. With that Kahlans body exploded into flames, Marianna covered her face in fear of pain but none came. No chocking of ashes or burning pain, just the feeling of calm warmth, peace, and love. Letting her mind and heart go she slowly started to rise off the nest floor as it turned into ash and drifted away in this beautiful fiery bliss. A warm autumn’s breeze blew over Marianna as she turned into as ashes joining in with Kahlans body. The nest and tree were slowly drifting into a heaping pile of glowing red ash on the forest ground only to be topped by the dark blue star covered night. The beautiful song disappeared along with the glowing ghostly image of Kahlan flying through the heavens sky.

The next day.

Artanis an older male wizard who stood tall and was very thin with a frail look. With his long silver frizzy hair he was sitting on his small villa porch drinking his morning tea overlooking the yew forest. He sat there and pondered over the happenings of last night seeing the sequoia tree burst into flames and the sound of a distance song that had filled the air. Shuffling inside to a simmering cauldron he gently stirred the contents by moving his index finger in a swirling motion. He then added some roots and herbs till it shimmered and let out a poof of silver smoke. “Ahh almost ready” he said.

Heading for the door he gathered his traveling stick and pack which hung among the cluttered house full of odd items. He headed through the front door closing it behind him and locking it he set off walking down an old worn out dirty and pebble covered path into the yew forest. He turned around and with a backwards wave of his hand the house shimmered and vanished from sight.

“A good hour or two walk” Artanis mumbled to himself.

About half way into his journey a buzzing sound came from his traveling pack, sticking his thin boney hand into his pack rummaging around he pulled out a small glass globe that was glowing a yellow color and buzzed again in his hand. Interesting Artanis thought looking around to see if he was being followed. The glass orb that he had pulled out of his pack was given to him from his grandfather years ago before he left moonglow, it would only buzzed when someone was watching or evil lurked around. Artanis knew that creatures of the unknown lived deep within the yew forest but he had rarely ever seen them or other humans in these parts. As he kept an eye out on his surroundings he set off again.

Sometime later coming to a curve in the road some ash had struck onto a tree. “I must be close.” Artanis thought coming into a clearing. Artanis’s eyes lay upon a dying red mound of ash. Coming closer to inspect, a red feather had caught his eye. Kneeling down he stretched out a hand to pick it up, rising it to his nose he took a deep breath then with the flick of his tongue he tasted the end of it. “BAGS!” Artanis said aloud. “A Phoenix if I am correct, this can bring no good.”